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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company miscellaneous type specimen sheets, catalogs, price lists, etc.]

Woodtype: selective emphasis for fine typography,   pp. [unnumbered]-48

Page 7

Sizes of the specimens shown in this catalog are six line
(72 points) and eight line (96 points). Due to space limita-
tions only enough letters and figures are shown to calculate the
width of a line. For the same reason it is impractical to
show all available sizes of any one specimen. Practically all
styles can be supplied as small as four line, and larger in one
line multiples. All dimensions increase or decrease in the
same ratio. Thus, the overall height and width of the 20 line
H is twice that of the 10 line H, but the total area and print-
ing surface of the 20 line is four times that of the 10 line.
This expansion rate should always be considered when order-
ine, sizes Irger than the specimens shiown
Wood type may be ordered in complete fonts or as indi-
vidual sorts. When ordering give name of face, catalog num-
her and class. Should you desire to add characters to fonts
or sorts now in your cases, and are unable to determine name
and catalog number. send us three clear proofs of the follow
ing characters:
Caps: A, H, R, S
Lower Case: e, m,o, s
Figures: 1 to 0 inclusive
Foreign language characters can be supplied in some styles.
See reference with specific listings.
All specimens in this catalog are printed directly from Hamilton wood type.

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