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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company minute book, 1926]

Special meeting of directors: March 20, 1926,   pp. 114-122

Page 121

gold notes or debentures and the execution of the
trust indenture to secure the same, be and said
resolutions hereby are arproved, ratified and con-
firmed, with the same effect as if said resolutions
were now re-adopted in full by said Board of Directors.
The chairman then -resented to the Board of Directors
the offer of The Hamilton Lanufacturing Company, a corporation
organized in the year 1889 and which has continuously existed
and done business since the date of its organization down to
the present time, for the conveyance to this corporation of all
of the assets, proJerty, business and good will of said The
Hamilton 1.1anufacturing Company, to be paid for by this corpora-
tion's bonds, debentures, ,referred stock and common stock,
and caused the secretary to read the details of said offer to
the directors as the same are recorded in the minutes of said
stockholders' meeting; and thereupon requested that the Board
of Directors take action upon said offer. After discussion,
the following resolutions were offered, duly seconded and
unanimously adopted by tlh affirmative votes of all of the
directors present:
RESOLVED, that the offer of The Hamilton Manufac-
turing Company, referred to in the statement of the
chairman just made to the Board of Directors, and more
particulprly set forth in the minutes of the special
meeting of stockholders held on March 18, 1926, be accept-
ed by this corporation, upon the terms, conditions and
considerations therein named.
RESOLVED, that the proper officers of this corpora-
tion be. and they hereby are, authorized and directed
to sign and seal certificates of the preferred stock
and common stock of this corporation, to the amount and
in the manner required by said offer of The Hamilton

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