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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company minute book, 1926]

Special meeting of directors: March 20, 1926,   pp. 114-122

Page 119

conditions of said first mortgage or deed of trust and
the bonds and coupons issued and to be issued thereunder,
and to carry into effect in general the purposes and in-
tent of said mortgage and bonds, of these resolutions cet6L
adopted by the stockholders of this corporation with
respect thereto at the stockholders' meeting aforesaid,
all such action being hereby ratified, approved and
confirmed in all respects.
RESOLVED, that when said first mortgage or deed of
trust shall have been duly executed and delivered as
hereinbefore authorized, and when said bonds shall have
been duly authenticated by the trustee, then any of the
officers of this corporation functioned in the premises
shall be, and they hereby are, authorized and directed to
sell or otherwise dispose of said bonds for the corpor-
ation in such lots or parcels, and in such manner and
for such consideratidn and upon such terms as to said
officers shall seem advisable and proper.
RESOLVED, that the proper officers of this corpora-
tion be and they hereby are authorized and directed to
execute and file any and all documents and statements
and to take any and all other action which may be
necessary or advisable in order to qualify said bonds for
sale in compliance with the securities or "Blue Sky"
laws of any State.
The chairman next submitted to the meeting a proposed
form of trust indenture, to be executed by the Company to East
Wisconsin Trustee Company, of Manitowoc, Wisconsin, as Trustee,
to secure a proposed issue of the Company's 65 serial gold
notes or debentures in the aggregate principal amount of Three
Hundred Thousand Dollars (:!300,000). The chairman stated t
at the special meeting of the stockholders of the Company due
actionad been ten for the authorization of te issue of

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