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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company minute book, 1926]

Special meeting of directors: March 20, 1926,   pp. 114-122

Page 116

aforesaid, create and issue its bonds and secure the pay-
ment of the same by its first mortgage or deed of trust,
all as hereinafter in these resolutionsset forth.
RESOLVED, that this corporation create and issue its
bonds limited to an aggregate zrincipal amlount of One
Million Dollars (01,000,000), said bonds to be known as
this corporation's First Mortgage 6% Serial Gold Bonds,
to be issued in ten (10) series, designated A to 5,
inclusive, maturing, respectively, on each first day of
Mlarch in the years 1927 to 1936, inclusive, each series
from A to C, inclusive, being for the aggregate princi-
pal amount of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000), each
series from D to I, inclusive, being for the aggregate
principal amount of One Hundred Thousand Dollars
($100,000), and series J being for the aggregate prin-
cipal amount of Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars
(.250,000), the principal to be payable in Milwaukee,
Wisconsin, said bonds to be dated March 1, 1926, to bear
interest, payable in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, or Chicago,
Illinois, from such date until payment of the principal
thereof at the rate of six per cent. (6%) per annum,
payable semi-annually on the first day of March and the
first day of September in each year, without deduction
therefrom of any taxes (other than federal income taxes
at exceedinp two per cent. per annum), to be redeemable
in whole or in part upon any interest payment date upon
thirty days prior notice at the principal amount thereof
and accrued interest plus a premium of one-half of one
per cent. (1/2 of 1%) for each year of fraction thereof
intervening between the redemption date and the date or
dates of maturity of the bonds so called for redemption,
to be issued in coupon form in interchangeable denomina-
tions of One Thousand ("1,000) and Five undredDollars

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