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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company Article of Incorporation]

Articles of incorporation,   pp. 1-4

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signature, am to have a  eneral ucrvision of the affairs of
the corporation.
The principal duties of the vice-president shall
be to discharge the duties of the president in the event of the
absence or disability, for an.
The principal du
countersign all deeds, mortgages and instruments of conveyance
executed by the corporation, affix the seal of the corporation
thereto, and to such other papers as shall be required to be
sealed, and to keep a record of the proceedings of the Board of
Directors and a record of the proceedings of the members, and
to keep safely and systematically all books, papers, records and
documents belonging to the corporation, or in any wise pertain-
ing to the business or operations thereof.
The principal duties of the treasurer shall be to
keep and account for all moneys, credits and property, of any
and every nature, of the corporation, which shall come intohi.
hands, and keep an accurate account of all moneys received a(;
disbursed, and proper vouchers for moneys disbursed, and to
render-such accounts, statements and inventories of moneys re-
ceived and disbursed, and of money and property on hand, and
generally of all matters pertaining to this office, as shall be
required by the Board of Directors.
The Board of Directors may provide for the appoint-
ment of such additional officers as they may deem for the best
interests of the corporation.
The said officers shall perform such additional or
different duties as shall from time to time be im)osed or re-
quired by the Board of Directors, or -.smay be reor bed fr:
time to time by the by-laws.
Article Sixth.
original members of the corporation, and additional members may
be elected or accepted from time to time by unanimous vote or
written consent of the then members of the corporation. The
membership of any person may be terminated by his resignation, or
by the unanimous vote or written direction of all the other mem-

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