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[Hamilton Manufacturing Company Corporation Record and Contract]

[1925 correspondence]

W.J.CLARK                                November b, 1925.
1r. T. W. Suddard,
care The Hamilton Efg. Company,
Two Rivers, Wisconsin.
Ly dear T. W.:
I enclose nerewith the following papers:
1. Minutes of meeting of directors of Two hivers Dormitory Com-
pany.   Fill in date and hour (probably you could use the date
November 2nd or November 3rd) and also any other blanks tilat
are left, and then have the minutes accurately copied into the
minute book of the Dormitory Company.   When George gets back,
have him sign in the book as secretary, and then have the three
directors (George, F. J. Eggers and Joseph Koenig) sign the
minutes in the book as directors.   The enclosure is simply to
be copied from, and can be destroyed when everything has been
written into the minute book.
2. Set of minutes for the stockholders.   Here again blanks must
be filled, and I should say you ought to date the meeting of the
stockholders about November 10th or 11th, if the by-laws require
five days notice of a special stockholders meeting.   If ten days
notice is required, you will have to date the stockholders meet-
ing about November 16tn or 17th.   These minutes should also be
copied into the minute book, just after the preceding minutes of
directors; but these need be signed only by the secretary.
3. Various papers which you furnished me in this connection, viz:
articles of organization; your letter of the 2nd instant to Lr.
Findlan; offer to purchase the Dormitory property, signed by
Aluminum Goods Lanufacturing Company; old deed from Kirst to
the Dormitory Company; certificateof title, signed by Joseph
Zahorik; and certificate of incorporation.   These papers should
be kept together, and ultimately filed away with the old minute
book and other documents of the Dormitory Company, after dissolu-,j
tson, in some wlace where      canbelocated if necessary.
I think with tie above you will have no trouble in getting tne
minute book ready for the signatures of tne directors and officers.
I nave sent the deed over to 1r. Findlan, who will procure hr.
Koenig's signature as president of tie Dormitory Company.   1r.
Findlan will hold the deed until George Hamilton gets back, wien
he can sign as secretary.   Then the Dormitory Company's corpor-
ate seal must be affixed, together with 47.b0 in documentary
stamps.   When all this has been done, some notary public will
have to complete tie acknowledgement, and then the deed can be
delivered to the Aluminum Goods 1anufacturing Company.

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