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Voskuil, W. C. / Annual report of W. C. Voskuil, county agricultural agent of Grant County, Wisconsin: 1938-1939

20,000 attend state husking contest,   pp. 15-16 PDF (388.4 KB)

Oat test plots yield results,   pp. 16-18 PDF (557.6 KB)

Page 16

           Concessions                  Norman Ebert
           Finance                      Ed Schmeider
           Field                        Carl Wilkinson
           Entertainment                Peter E. May
           Horse Show                   Reuben James
           Public Aid                   Ed OtNeil
           Publicity                    W. C. Voskuil
           Recentlun                    Foster B. Porter
           Trqffic                      Charles Gibson
           Weighing                     LeRoy Reese
           The W-1isconsin Agriculturist sponsors these State
Contests. It was a pleasure to work with Mr. McIntyre of that
paper.  The final financial balance showed receipts of $785.00
and expenditures of {781.00.   The Committees Were highly pleased
to come out on the right sido of the ledger.
           The Grant County entrant, Lawrence Hauk, received
second place and represented us at the N:itional Contest at
Lawrence, Kansas.  Dick Post of Rock County ,ron first pbnce.
The sponsorship of thi3 spectaclo wis a real pleasure for all
concerned.  Weather was ideal, the corn va)s excellent, several
husking records werte hung up and local cooperation was very
good.  Above all the '620,000 folks seemed to enjoy the event as
well as receiving some educational value from the exhibits.
           An oat test plot was this year run on the Robert
Baumgartner farm in Fennimore township.   An effort was made to
get data on yield, dise se   rusistnnce, lodging resistance,
maturity and effect of fertilizer.   The table below gives the
information acquired.

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