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Voskuil, W. C. / Annual report of W. C. Voskuil, county agricultural agent of Grant County, Wisconsin: 1938-1939

Sheep dipping program starts,   p. 13 PDF (228.7 KB)

Farmers get eleven thousand trees,   p. 13 PDF (228.7 KB)

Page 13

           Grant County sheep producers this yoer had a portable
sheep dipping outfit at their disposal for the first time. This
dipping, along with drenching, takes care of ticks and worms
which are each year causing thousands of dollars loss to county
sheep men.
           The procedure followed was typical of thit used on
many extension projects. First it was found thvt sheep producers
ware losing heavily thru ticks and worms. A series of meetings
and demonstrations were then held with sheep men. Flocks were
actually dipped by the portable mcthod to show how it works.
The next problem was to secure a good man to build a dipping
outfit and then to establish a scale of prices fair to him and
to the producers. H. R. Long of Glen Haven took on the job with
the agent's help. Adequate publicity was given. About fifteen
hundred head were dipped this first year )nd this will increase
many times in 1940.  It seems likely th t the outfit will be
used extensively for dipping hogs for mange in the future.
           Grant County farmers received eleven thousand wind-
break seedlings free of charge thru this office in 1939. These
were mostly of pine and spruce varieties although some ash,
locust and hardwoods were distributed.
           These trees were furnished by the St!te Conservation
Department.  Ftrm,.rs securing them are asked to plant them in
accordance with a plan drawn up by this office so that the most
benefit will be secured and the best practices for getting a
stand will be used. The plantings for this year came thru in
excellent shape.

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