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How you can get a Wisconsin farm

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      One way to get a farm is. to buy from an in-
 - dividual, a "land department", or a city real
   *  estate firm. You take your own chances on
   the soil, and you take your own chances on
   the co-operation you get after you buy. Many
   land sellers are honest and fair and have good
   land to sell, but many more are only inter-
   ested in getting you to make a big payment
   on any piece of land they can talk you into
   buying, because they get a big slice of the
   down payment as a commission. Then they
   are through with you.
      Another way to get a farm is to buy a soil
    surveyed Ready-To-Start-Farm. You take no
    chances at all, because this company owns
    each piece of land it has soil surveyed, and
    you absolutely know that you have a rich
-:-  piece of agricultural land that you can soon
     make into a beautiful and a very valuable
     farm. You know that you are moving onto the
     best, the richest, and the surest piece of cut-
     over land that our soil experts could locate.
     You know that you and your family will not
     have any worries about the future, because
     you are absolutely positive that your soil sur-
     veyed farm can be developed into a very valu-
     able place.
       And besides knowing that you are getting
     such a fine piece of land, you know that you
     are going to get much personal service anl
     co-operation in developing your farm, if you
     want it. This organization does not sell you
     a Ready-To-Start-Farm  on which it gets a
     commission, but it sells you a piece of land
     that it owns, and sells you with the intention
     of having you make a valuable Wisconsin
     farm for yourself. Our men live right where
     you buy, they are in touch with you all the
     time, and you become a friend and neighbor.
       In the first place, we give you a map of your
     farm, showing you how we think it should be
     laid out into fields. You may want to change
     these plans some to suit your own personal
     ideas, but you will find this map a great help
     and a sure guide to success.
       Then, we have our development men, who
     work with you just like a county agent. only
     they can see you more often and give you a
     more personal service.
        These men will explain the kind of seed you
      should get and the kind of crops you should
      plant to get the best yields and make the most
        If you don't know how to clear land. they
      will come right onto your farm if you ask
      them to, .and will show you how to safely.
      cheaply, and quickly shoot your stumps. This
      is a very simple proposition when a man
      knows how.
        Our development men will show you how to
      pick, judge and breed good dairy cows. If
      you are short of money, we will lend you the
      money to buy one more good dairy cow every
      time you brush an additional five acres of
      land and plow two more additional acres. In
      this way, we help you to breed up a good dairy
      herd quickly. And you must remember that
      if you use the right methods, you can soon
      breed up a dairy herd that will be worth as
      much money as your farm itself. Think what
      it means to get a loan for another fine Wis-
      consin dairy cow to add to your herd every
      time you brush five acres and plow two acres.
      All we ask is that one of our men pass on the
      animal you buy, so that you will be sure that
      you are getting a good cow for your herd and
      getting value for your money.
  Our development men will also teach and
help your wife to develop a valuable flock of
good chickens.
  Each year, we have big contests and give
valuable prizes to the men who brush the most
acres, and to the women who build up the
best flocks of chickens.
  In the summer, we advance all the new
fruit jars to a woman that she wants. She
cans as many of the wonderful raspberries
that grow wild so thickly every place, and as
much of her garden stuff, as she needs to feed
her family over the winter. In the fall. she
gives us enough filled cans of berries, toma-
toes, pickles, beets, and such things as are re-
quired to pay for all the jars that we advanced
to her. We sell the canned goods we get
back, thus paying for the jars.
  Once every month or so, we have a special-
ist come to the Farmers' Club from the Uni-
versity of Wisconsin, or from the Farmer's In-
stitute, or some such source, to give a free
lecture on land clearing, dairy cows, potato
raising, or some such topic in which he is a
  Each month, we publish and mail free to
each one of our settlers our own little maga-
zine, which we call our "Settlers News Letter".
It tells how to build root cellars, raise peas.
brush hay land, and everything a settler wants
to know.
   The legislature of this state has passed a
 law exempting a farmer who buys and moves
 onto a new farm in Wisconsin from paying
 the taxes on forty acres for three years. Buy
 a forty acre Ready-To-Start-Faim  and you
 have no taxes to pay for three years. Buy
 more than forty acres and you only need to
 pay the taxes on the amount of land you have
 over forty acres.
   Now here is what the National Land Colon-
 izing Company will do to save you making
 cash interest payments on your contract. so
 you can use all your money on your farm. If
 you move onto your land and only brush five
 acres and plow two acres each year, the com-
 pany will take your note for your interest and
 add it to your contract. This is done up until
 the time you get a deed. Of course, any good
 man will lear and plow much more than this
 each year. but all he needs to do is this much
 to save him the cash payment of his interest.
   These are just a few of the things we do
 to help a man along. If a man is a very good
 farmer, he may not need this help, but if he is
 not, then, it is a very valuable aid.
   And most important of all, we help a man
 par for his farm. When he has cleared.
 stumped and plowed only five acres, we will
 cancel all his contract payments and give him
 a deed to his farm, he giving us back a long
 time mortgage for all he owes us on his land.
 and on his buildings and cows, if he got
 buildings and cows from us. Just think what
 this means to a farmer in getting a fine farm.
 free of worries, and sure of the future. All
 he needs to do is to clear and plow five acres.
 and we cancel his payments on his contract.
 and take back a mortgage for all he owes.
 This is a greater opportunity than a U. S.
 Homestead. We have given deeds to farmers
 who have not even been on their land six
 months, but who have made the necessary im-
 provements to protect us.  Just think of a
 farmer moving onto one of these fine farms,
 making only a small payment down, and then
 owning it on deed in less than six months.
 This, we believe you will agree, is the easiest
 and cheapest way to get a valuable farm In a
 good neighborhood that has ever been offered
 by any company in this country. Without the
 resources and without the men behind it that
 the National Land Colonizing Company has.
 such an opportunity could never be given by
 any company.
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