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How you can get a Wisconsin farm

The friendly neighborhood you can move to,   p. 4 PDF (357.9 KB)

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that you will be the
lving into this new
er Wisconsin. Hun-
reds of farmers are
year.  Many men
about this rich land
y so cheap, and they
to these new farms
much cheaper to live
y can make more
rushed into the big
y the National Land
pany as fast as the
arrange to get up all
gs. Dozens and doz-
w farmers line all the
racts of virgin land,
If you pay us a visit.
ools, the fine towns
shopping, the amuse-
highways, and all
e fully explained in
The only point we
out here is that you
o a lonesome neigh-
ou get a Ready-To-
iere are dozens of
e of American farm-
ated ahead of you.
as friendly as a new
!ople are not divided
in the older places
farmers, who have
I for years, stick in
rid where the renter
)nsidered as an in-
wonderful new coun-
ns his own farm and
endliness is remark-
htelp each other with
'amilies call on each
finds the good old
ihips that warm the
life a pleasure.
sant thing is to see
L like this country.
e home loving than
they have lived in
t of their life, they
or a new land for
mess. This fear of
Ls probably caused
e and kind mothers
ir husbands and to
.,en than any other
* do not realize It,
It was not for this
many women, their
ave been on a new
eir feet years ago.
onto these farms
eness, and then, are
I they have moved
I and most friendly
t they ever lived in.
xrmers' Club and a
The men meet to
fd talk over the best
. The women meet
r the county poor,
Is for the men, and
least once a month,
in the school house
ce! Everyone turns
sng, and there are
nd square dances.
the club has a big
ettlers Picnic", and
iere is a special
)low-out. You will
  on a Ready-To-
  one woman said.
I wasn't so good up
'or the parties, the
r my many new
  For a lot
and making
panies wou]
hundreds of
not a backi
  The famn
than in an
own farms
leads to mi
  Now and
fishing. TI
yet. And t

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