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How you can get a Wisconsin farm

What you get with a ready-to-start-farm,   p. 3 PDF (396.5 KB)

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  The biggest problem in America
today Is for a farmer to get good
land cheap. There is a great amount
of good land in this country, but it
is so high priced that a farmer can
not buy it. On high priced land, he
can scarcely keep up the taxes, the
interest, and the over-head, to say
nothing of the tremendous principal
payments. This problem of high
priced land has driven many good
farmers into the cities and towns,
where they have to work for small
wages and live like poor immigrants.
Or else, if they stay in the country,
they have to keep renting year after
year, always poor, and knowing that
they are likely to lose all they have
if they buy high priced land.
  The men behind the National Land
Colonizing Company have had wide
experience in farm matters, some of
them being among the most promi-
nent in their line in this country. Af-
ter they considered all the different
sections of the United States, they
decided that certain parts of Upper
Wisconsin was the best place to buy
a farm. This land in many cases
has been held back for years by
some of the big lumber companies.
They did not want settlers on it, be-
cause settlers raise lard values, thus
raising taxes and thus making a big
increase in expenses to the lumber
company on all their holdings. But
the National Land Colonizing Com-
pany has secured the very best of
some of these wonderful tracts of
gently rolling, well drained, warm
mellow clay loam soil, and are able
to sell it on easy terms to settlers
for a very cheap and reasonable
price per acre.
   A farmer can come to our field of-
fice, look at our farms, and pick out
a fine piece of land. He can pay
down as big an amount as he de-
sires, or if he wants easy terms, he
can get them, as explained on the
last page of this bulletin. The land
is rich, virgin, cut-over land when
bought. The settler can put up his
own buildings, or if he wants us to
do so, we will build him a good four
room house on the land, ready for
him to move into. This house is
nicely finished, and is warm and
comfortable.  It costs $850.00-our
actual costs-and gives a man a
good start. We also build a smaller
house for $550.00. The barn is large
enough for a team and two cows and
costs $200.00.  This cost of these
buildings is simply added to the con-
tract on the land, if a man takes
them. It requires no bigger down
payment to get the buildings than
the land alone.
   If a farmer wishes, the National
 Land Colonizing Company will help
 him  get stock.  When he locates,
 they will provide him with one good
 dairy cow for the family's use right
 away, and then, as he clears land,
 they will make him loans for more
 good dairy cows. So, a farmer can
 get good land cheap, he can get good
 buildings, If he wants them, and he
 can get good dairy cows.
           You Can Get Good Land Cheap
 This virgin cut-over land is gently rolling mellow clay
loam. There is absolutely no sand or hills. The subsoil
is well drained. It is easily cleared, and will produce
bumper general crops. It costs you very little, you have
very little expense, and it goes up in value fast. On this
kind of land. it takes but little money to start. Living
is cheap, and you can make money as well as have a
happy home free of worry.
I                                         -   ;                         
   You Can Get Good Buildings if You Want Them
   We have standard buildings that we put on the land,
if you want us to do so. This saves you the bother of
building and gives you a place to move right into. The
houses are strong, well built, and neatly finished, making
a warm cozy house that can easily be enlarged at a later
You Cnn Get Good Dairy Cows It You Want Them
  When you locate and start farming, we will provide
you with a good dairy cow for your family's use, adding
the cost of the cow to your contract. Then, as you clear
your land, our plan gives you loans for more good dairy
cows, so you can quickly build up a big herd.
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