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Whitbeck, R. H., 1871-1939 (Ray Hughes) / The geography and economic development of southeastern Wisconsin

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Yesterday and Today in Racine: booklet of 32 pages issued by
the Racine Commercial Club 1915; contrasts early days
with the present.  Has several views of old Racine, in-
cluding a harbor view in 1860.
Zinn, Col. Geo. A. Racine Harbor, U. S. Government Re-
ports. Index to Reports of the Chief of Engineers, U. S.
Army, 1866-1912. Vol. 1, pp. 1338-1341.
See also list of unpublished theses in the library of the UTni-
versity of Wisconsin, p. 233.
Brown, H. 0. & Co. Illustrated Atlas of Racine and Kenosha
Counties. Chicago, 1887. 100 p. including 30 maps and
18 plates.
Downes, R. H. Economic and Social Development of Ke-
nosha County, Trans. Wis. Acad. Vol. 13, part 2, pp. 545-
581, 1900-1901.
Frank, M. Early History of Kenosha, Wis. Hist. Colls. Vol.
3, pp. 370-394.  Deals with the first decade.
Graham, J. D. Kenosha harbor, in Senate Doc. 3d session,
34th congress, 1856-57. Vol. 5, Serial No. 878, pp. 140-
180. Includes correspondence. historical data, commerce
by lake, etc.
Hennessey and Co. Plat book of Racine and Kenosha Coun-
ties. Delavan, Wis., 1908,103 pp. 40 maps.
Hixson, W. W. & Co. Plat book of Racine and Kenosha
Counties, Rockford, Ill., 1899, 41 pp. 17 maps.
Kenosha Illustrated; historical, descriptive, and biographical.
1897, 67 pp. ills.
Lathrop, Jason. A Sketch of the Early Historv of Kenosha
County and of the Western Emigration Co., Wis. Hist.
Colis., 1855, Vol. 2, pp. 450-479.
Mygatt, Wallace. First Settlement of Kenosha, Wis. Hist.
Colls. III, 1857, pp. 395-420; much detail of intimate char-
acter reaching down to 1857.
Sholes, C. C. The City of Kenosha.  Inaugural address as
mayor, 1853. Pamphlet.
Simmons, H. M. Pioneer Life in Kenosha County; a sketch
read at the centennial celebration at Kenosha, July 4,1876.
U. S. Topographical Bureau. Report from the Secretary of
War. Senate Dee. 103, 25th congress, 2d session, 1838.
Deals with the Harbor of Southport.
16--s. W.

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