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Whitbeck, R. H., 1871-1939 (Ray Hughes) / The geography and economic development of southeastern Wisconsin

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Brown, H. 0. & Co. Illustrated Atlas of Racine and Kenosha
Counties, Chicago, 1887, 100 pp., including 30 maps and 18
Dyer, C. E. Historical Address delivered before the Old Set-
tlers' Society of Racine County. Delivered at Burlington,
Wis. Feb. 22, 1871; pamphlet, full of detail.
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Agr. Soc., 1851, pp. 207-210.
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congress, 1856-57. Vol. 5, Serial No. 878, pp. 180-197.
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Delavan, Wis., 1908. 103 (48) pp., including 40 maps.
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Counties, Rockford, Ill. 1899, 41 pp., including 17 maps.
Leach, E. W. The Methodist Church and Early Racine. Ra-
cine, 1912, 184 pp. ills. In addition to church history, it
contains many interesting items of local history and some
rare illustrations of old scenes and documents.
Miller, Mark. Racine Directory, (first one) 1849.
Morgan, Appleton. Recollections of Early Racine, Wis. Mag.
of Hist., Vol. 2, pp. 431-444. June, 1919.
Racine Illustrated. Pub. by the Art Gravure and Etching Co.,
Milwaukee, 1893. An album of excellent views of the
Racine, the Bell City of the Lakes.  The Racine Daily Jour-
nal's Review of a Half Century's Progress. Racine, 1900,
87 pp. Descriptive.  Many illustrations.
Racine 1834-1888. Fifty-four years Progress of the City of
Racine; a short history of the city and a description of its
manufacturing interests. Racine, 1888, 72 pp. ills.
4acine, Wis., Headlight: Sights and scenes along the North-
western Line. Souvenir edition. Chicago, 1895. 46 pp.
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sales, Senate Doc., No. 16, Serial 878, pp. 194-197.
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Counties, 1879.
Witbeck, H. P. and Rowley, T. B., pub. Wisconsin and the
City of Racine. Racine, 1856.

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