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Whitbeck, R. H., 1871-1939 (Ray Hughes) / The geography and economic development of southeastern Wisconsin

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BIBLIOGRAPHY                  235
Highway Construction in Wisconsin, Bulletin X, 1903,
pp. xvi, 339; 106 plates, including 26 maps of cities. 20
Fenneman, N. M. The Lakes of Southeastern Wisconsin, Bul-
letin VIII, 1902, pp. xv, 178; 36 plates; 38 figures in text.
A second edition has been issued and is sold at the price of
50 cents.
Goldthwait, J. W. The Abandoned Shore-lines of Eastern
Wisconsin, Bulletin XVII, 1907, pp. x, 134; 38 plates; 37
figures in text. 10 cents.
Hotchkiss, W. 0. and Steidtmann, Edward. The Limestone
Road Materials of Wisconsin, Bulletin XXXIV, 1914, pp.
viii, 137; 2 figures in text; 41 plates and geological maps
of counties. 10 cents.
Huels, F. W. The Peat Resources of Wisconsin, Bulletin
XLV, 1915, pp. viii, 274; 20 figures in text; 22 plates. 10
Juday, Chancey. The Inland Lakes of Wiscgnsin, Bulletin
XXVII, 1914, pp. vi, 137; 29 maps; 8 figures in text. 10
Martin, Lawrence. The Physical Geography of Wisconsin,
Bulletin XXXVI, 1916, pp. xxii, 549; 206 figures in text;
41 plates. Includes relief map of Wisconsin. 15 cents.
Ries, Heinrich. The Clays of Wisconsin and Their Uses, Bul-
letin XV, 1906, pp. xii, 259; 30 plates, including 2 maps; 7
figures in text. 15 cents.
Weidman, Samuel and Schultz, A. R. The Underground and
Surface Water Supplies of Wisconsin, Bulletin XXXV.
1915, pp. xv, 664; 72 figures in text; 5 plates, and a colored
geological map of the state,-Scale: 1 inch = 16 miles. 20
Whitson, A. R., Geib, W. J., and others. Soil Survey of
Waukesha County, Bulletin XXIX, 1914, pp. iv, 82; 3
plates, including one map. Paper bound. 5 cents.
Whitson, A. R., Geib, W. J. and Dunnewald, T. J. Soil Sur-
vey of Milwaukee County, Bulletin 57A. Includes soil
map of the county. Paper bound. 5 cents.
Whitbeck, R. H. The Geography and Industries of Wiscon-
sin, Bulletin XXVI, 1913, pp. viii, 65; 23 plates; 46 figures
in text. Out of print.

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