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Town of Frankfort centennial

Businesses,   pp. 111-119

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This skimming station was managed by Louis and Lester
Chapman along with Charles and George Brown. This plant
stayed in operation until 1910. When the plant closed as a
skimming station, local farmers decided to build a cheese
factory on this same location. This was the beginning of the
"Diamond Cheese and Butter Cooperative."
Some of the first officers of the Diamond Cheese and Butter
Co-Op were Richard Hannemann, John Dahlke, Otto Remus,
Frank Jahnke and Art Wendtland. The first cheesemaker hired
was Joseph Wirkus who had taken a short course in cheesemak-
ing at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Other cheese-
makers were Emil Bauman, William Giese, Art Giese, Emil
Bornowski, Fred Bartell, Lester Schneider, Henry Schneider,
Edwin Hanson and the last one was Joseph Bohman.
In 1926 the farmers decided to sell the cheese factory. Olaf
Borgeman ofWithee bought it from the farmers in 1926, Walter
Swantes bought it in 1927 and sold it to Melvin Mullins in 1928.
Melvin ran the factory until 1933 when he sold it to Theodore
In 1934 the factory burned down. During the time the factory
was being rebuilt the milk was shipped to another plant that Mr.
Poplawski owned in the Town of Johnson, known as the Silver-
leaf cheese factory.
Mr. Poplawski was killed in a car accident in 1945. With the
help of Mrs. Poplawski's family and her brother-in-law, Walter
Garbarski, they kept the factory for one more year. In 1946 she
sold the factory to Standard Brands and in 1947 they sold it to
Charles Mullins. Mr. Mullins ran the plant until 1953 and then
soldit to Emil Mech. Emil Mech ran this plant with his sons. In
1968, David Mech was the last cheesemaker to make cheese in
this plant.
Ferdinand Gartman built a cheese factory around 1896 on
the N.E. N.E. corner in Section 15. The factory was operated by
his son, August for about six years. This land is now owned by
Rick Borchardt.
It was sold to Peter Christiansen around 1902. Cheese-
makers who worked for Mr. Christiansen were as follows: Albert
Taves, Harold Klasseg, Ervin Korner, William Hass, Frank
Preston and Henry Schneider. The Factory was sold to Laabs
Cheese Company of Milan in 1933. The plant was shut down
with the milk going to the Milan plant. The building was
converted to a garage and burned down one year later.
The Factory known today as the Frankfort Cheese Factory,
Inc., was started up by the Hoernke Bros., Carl and Ernest along
with Gerhard Punke around 1905. Later on April 20,1908 it was
organized as the Frankfort Cheese and Butter Cooperative.
This was signed by the Secretary of State, J.A. Trear, on May 5,
In 1924 it was sold to Ernest Leffel who within a year sold to
Edward Schultz. Evert Johnson bought the factory from Ed-
ward Schultz and ran it until 1945 and then sold it to Frank
Marquardt. Frank Marquardt ran the factory until 1948 and
then sold it to Theodore Dirks. In 1967, Delmar Telschow
bought the factory and incorporated with his son, Dennis.
Dennis Telschow and his wife Delores bought the corporation in
April of 1986.
William Giese built a cheese factory on his father's farm
August Giese, Sr. on the N.E. N.E. corner in Section 9. Mr. Giese
operated the plant until 1928 when he sold it to Alfred Baer. Mr.
Baer and his family operated this factory until 1944 when they
sold to the Sandmire Cheese Company. The building burned
down one week later.
Herbert Wehrman built a cheese factory on the N.E. N.E.
corner in Section 20 in 1925. He made cheese until 1935 when
he sold the factory to Ralph Scheel who operated it until 1945
when the State Department of Health closed the factory for not
complying with the new regulations. In 1946 the building was
sold to Art Behringer who remodeled it into a tavern, known
today as the Buckhorn Bar.
Frankfort Cheese Factory

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