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Town of Frankfort centennial

Businesses,   pp. 111-119

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Rodman's Bar
Oscar Rodman
Oscar Rodman built a garage and gas station the NE, NE
corner in Section 1, in 1935. He operated it for two years, until
1937, when he remodeled it into a tavern and dance hall.
In 1945, he again remodeled the tavern and added a frozen
food locker plant, where he did custom cutting and wrapping of
meat. He, also, rented out locker boxes.
He continued the locker plant until 1971, when his house,
which was located next to the tavern, burned down. He built a
new home and discontinued the custom meat business. He
operated the tavern until 1977, when he died. His wife, Helen,
continued to operate the tavern until their son, Gene, took it
over in 1984.
Knotty Pine Tavern
The Knotty Pine Tavern was built in 1947 by Ibny and Violet
Bohman. They owned and operated it for ten years as abeerbar.
At that time beer was sold at 5ยข for a 7 oz. glass, 10 for a 12 oz.
glass and $2.50 for a case. Candy bars were 5v each. Mr. & Mrs.
James Kann rented the business, in 1957, for 16 months. In
1959, the Bohmans sold it to Aloys Brown.
Taverns & Associated
When Highway 29 was constructed, in 1929, and Highway
97, in 1930, several business places sprang up across the road
from Frankfort. The first was probably Burger's Store and
Tavern on NW, NW corner of Section 6, Town ofWien, which was
built in 1929. In 1933, at the same location, a dance hall was
built called the Trianon Gardens, named after a dance hall in
Chicago. It is still being run by the Burger family.
In 1930, a tavern and gas station was built by Fred Rodman
on the SW, SW corner of Section 30, Town of Reitbrock and was
operated by Fred Bunde. It is currently operated by Wally
Victor Dahlke Sr. operated a blacksmith shop on the SW, SW
corner of Section 18, Town of Wien, in the early years. In 1933,
Bernard Dahlke converted the shop into a tavern. In 1937, he
built a new home, tavern, grocery store and gas station on the
NW, NW corner of Section 19. He operated it until 1963, when
he sold it to Alex Dahlke. It is now operated by Mike Sebold..
A saloon was opened on the Reinhold Viegut farm, in about
1932, located on SE, SE corner in Section 12. A license was
issued to a Frank Fischer, in 1932, who operated it for several
years. Besides selling soft drinks he, also, made moonshine and
near beer and served lunches. No one remembers how long the
saloon was in operation. Ervin Viegut rented the farm in the
spring of 1933. But, in March of 1935 the buildings burned
Other Businesses
Through the years, farmers in the township have needed
extra income to supplement what they are making on the farm.
Some have chosen to work "off the farm", to start a small
business of their own or by doing custom work.
Barbaring & Haircutting
Charles Brown didbarbering in his early years when he lived
in Athens and later in the Town of Frankfort starting sometime
around the turn of the century, perhaps in 1893.
Henry Hoppenworth did barbering at his farm, in the town-
ship located in Section 12 on SE, SE corner. This was during the
depression years, in the late twenties and the early thirties.
Haircuts were 25g at that time. He had to discontinue barber-
ing after the village barbers complained that he was operating
without a license. This farm was first owned by a F. Knaak
family and is currently owned by Kenneth Dahlke.
Sebastian Christiansen, known as "Bass", did barbering
starting in the early 1930's, while living on the home farm,
which is currently owned by William Martyn. He continued
barbering on the Frank Wirkus farm, which he purchased in
1944. This farm is now owned by Ted Streit. 'Bass" was in
barbering for approximately 40 years.
He retired in 1976, when he moved to Edgar.
Automotive, Equipment
and Mechanical Work
Fred Nienow Jr., took a short course inAuto Mechanics with
the Motor Institute of America of Chicago, in 1931. He did auto
repairing.service at his father's farm, in Section 10, from 1932
to 1937.
Otto Hoernke did machine shop work on his farm, in Section
22, during the 1940's. He, also, purchased the first portable
Case hay baler and did custom work for farmers. This was a wire
tie baler. Two men had to ride the baler and tie the bales with
wire as they were expelled from the machine. The bales were
then dropped on the ground to be picked up later.
Frankfort Auto & Machine
Roland Tbtzke started a machine shop on his father's farm in
Section 23 in 1966. He had worked for Gottchalk Bros. of Edgar
before starting his own shop. In addition to his regular machine
shop work, he sells and services snowmobiles. He, also, holds an
airplane flying license and is in the process of building his own
Glen Busche purchased the Upham School building, in 1967,
where he started a garage repair service and an automobile
wrecking yard. This was located on SE, SE corner in Section 28.
In 1977, he closed his operation in Frankfort and moved his
business to the Town of Wien, across the road from Section 30
in Frankfort.

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