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Town of Frankfort centennial

Pioneer memories,   pp. 77-110

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Alice Mowbray - William - live in Madison, WI.
Linda Tigert works in Madison Hospital.
Aurella Brouchous Gambill - (Clarence Brouchous, de-
Two sons: Allan Brouchous marriied Susan Erdman,
Wausau. Dr. David Brouchous is a physicist at UW-Madison.
Aurella then married John Gambill, retired, and living in
Heber Springs, Arkansas.
Fred Totzke
Fred has lived all his life in the Town of Frankfort except for
twenty-three years in South Dakota. His grandparents came to
America from Germany. His wife is deceased. Fred was Town
Treasurer for twenty-one years. He is now retired.
Family of
Roland and Judith Totzke
Roland and Judith have lived in the township all of their
lives. Their children are Shawn, Matthew, and Jennifer. Ro-
land is self-employed and Judith works at Marathon Cheese.
Their parents also live in the Town of Frankfort. Paternal
grandfather came to American in approximately 1893.
Delbert Uhlig Family
Delbert and Nancy Uhlig have been Tbwn of Frankfort
residents for twenty years. Their children are Kathy and Keith.
Delbert is employed at E.J. Peter Trucking, Athens and
Nancy at Mr. B's Union 76 in Abbotsford.
Anton Van Dreel
Anton Van Dreel was born March 16, 1875 in Freedom,
Wisconsin. At the age of thirty, in August of 1905, Anton and his
brother Henry traveled north to the Town of Frankfort where he
purchased an 80-acre farm in Section 19.
Anton married Elizabeth Van Den Broek (Dutch) from
Little Chute, November 23,1905 in St. John's Catholic Church
of Little Chute. They had four children: Henrietta married Leo
Diers, Leona married Alfred Carter, Loretta married Robert
Amacher and Lawrence married Marcella Wilcott. Loretta and
Lawrence are deceased.
They sold the farm to Norman and Clara Wenzel in 1946
and moved to Abbotsford and in1950 they moved to Milan.
Elizabeth died June 9,1959. Tony lived in Milan for eight more
years, then lived two years in Sunnyvale Manor, Wausau until
his death August 6, 1969. He was 94 years old.
Henry Van Dreel Family
Henry was born June 2,1880 at Freedom, WI. He married
Mary Schilling of Frankfort (born January 8, 1892) in 1909.
They had eight children, five girls and three boys. Henry came
to Frankfort with his brother Anton in 1905 and worked in the
area for several years. In 1908 he purchased 80 acres in Section
17 where the farm is still in the family operated by a son Floyd.
The children: Roselyn - Feb. 6,1913, Helen - Dec. 22,1914,
Jerome - Sept. 17,1916, Verena -July 17,1919, Ludmella - May
22,1922, Virgil -July 8,1924, Floyd - May 16,1927, DonnaJean
- Feb., 23,1931. Roselyn married Joe Schmirler, Helen married
Lloyd Treankler, Jerome married Henrietta Scheel, Verena
married Otto Luechow, Ludmella married Louis Klnowski,
Virgil married Dorothy Klumb, Floyd married Marion Weltzer,
Donna married William Waldhart.
History of Bill Viergutz
Bill Viergutz is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Mielke and
after his college graduation in 1981 he and his friend embarked
on the five month venture of hiking the Appalachian Trail which
extends from North Georgia to Mount Khatadin in Maine. This
started in North Georgia the first part of March and they
decided not to use a watch but would rely on sun time. This idea
was short lived; they were fatigued after the first day of hiking
and on the second day they thought they had put in a full day so
they pitched their tent, ate and went to sleep. They were
awakened with the sound of other campers rattling kettles so
they assumed that they had to get up and get ready for their
third day of hiking. They were wrong - the other campers were
readying for their evening meal.
He learned ofunendingkindnesses which were experienced
from other hikers as well as residents in the area, such as a
generous lady in her seventies who gave them a chicken supper,
a bed to sleep in and all for "no cost" because it was very near to
the end of the trail of their 2200 mile trek in Maine. Hikers
shared food and even loaned money to friend hikers who had not
received their money at the designated post offices as they had
That fall Bill enrolled at the Concordia Seminary in St.
Louis, graduating in 1985. He worked in several national parks
as a spiritual guide to park visitors because this service is
offered in all our national parks, and he also helped fulfill his
love of nature.
Last August he assumed the responsibility of a congrega-
tion in the Upper Peninsula at Covington, Michigan.
Gloria and Ed Weiland, Jr.
Their children are: Jill, Kerry, Patrick, Ashlee
F2137 County Rd. N., Colby, WI 54421 223-2491
Edwin and Lorraine Weiland
Their children are: Susan, Richard, Edwin, Gary, Jeffrey,
F2284 County Rd. N, Colby, WI 54421 223-2234
Richard & Kristi Weiland
Their children are: Shelly, Tammy, James, Jonathon
F4190 Maplenut Road, Colby, WI 54421
Clara Wenzel History
Clara Wenzel has lived in the township for 52 years.
'My mother's family migrated in 1900. My father's family
in 1912. They came from Germany and settled in Fergus Falls,
MN. My parents homesteaded in North Dakota."
Mr. & Mrs. Merlin (Sharon) Bauman, Dubois, Wyoming
Mr. & Mrs. Everett Wenzel, Colby, WI
Mr. & Mrs. Darnell Wenzel, Chicago, IL
Everett Wenzel Family
Everett and Donna have lived in the township for forty six
years and are self employed in farming. Their children are
Shannon, Shayne, Brenda Wenzel and Robert Regele.
Grandparents migrated from Germany to Fergus Falls,
MN in 1900.

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