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Town of Frankfort centennial

Pioneer memories,   pp. 77-110

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Sazama Family History
Joseph B. & Gertrude M. Sazama are the parents of Philip,
Coral, Marla, Richard, Wayne, Joseph K. and Orville. Joseph B.
was born in the Township. He was in the National Guard for
four years and is a farmer. Gertrude is a seasonal worker at
Marshfield Cannery and Figi's. Joe's grandparents and parents
lived on this farm in the Township. All grandparents came from
Daughter Marla was accepted to be in the three week
European concert tour this July 1990 with the United States
Collegiate Wind Band, a highly selective musical organization.
Raymond Schemenauer Family
Raymond and Joyce Schemenauer are the parents of five
children: Marion, Kevin, Kurt, Keith and Kenneth. They have
been residents of the Township for fifty-six years.
Raymond is employed at WeatherShield Manufacturing
and Joyce is employed at Hurd Manufacturing. Kurt is attend-
ing Stout. Kevin graduated from NTC, majoring in Industrial,
Residential Design. Marion is married and has a one-year-old
daughter named Chelsea. Kevin is also married.
Elmerd Schemenauer History
As a young man of 21, Elmerd Schemenauer bought 40
acres in Section 4 of the Township of Frankfort. There was only
a house and a small wood shed on the property. It had no barn.
On September 1, 1931 he married Cecilia Calmes from the
Township of Johnson.
For many years he hauled milk for area farmers, having as
many as 40-45 patrons, and delivering the milk to the Frank
Marquardt/Laabs Factory in Milan. During the summer he
used trucks and during the winter he used horses because of the
bad roads. He went as far as two miles west of Edgar where he
had a total of eight patrons in that area. His first milk truck was
a Model-T Ford.
Elmerd built a barn on his property in 1933. He remembers
that Joe Burger, Sr. was the general contractor and the total cost
for the labor was $130.00. Lightning struck this barn in 1941
causing it to burn down. He built another barn which is still on
the farm.
Besides hauling milk, Elmerd also trucked cattle to stock-
yards in Milan and Abbotsford and to area fairs. He also hauled
logs and pulp wood as well as personal property for people when
they were moving.
In 1951 Elmerd purchased a pull-type International com-
bine and custom combined grain for area farmers. His second
combine was a self-propelled Minneapolis Moline. After that he
bought self-propelled Case combines, having as many as four at
one time.
Over the years Elmerd had two portable saw mills and a
shingle mill. In fact, he sawed most of the shingles for the barn
that was built in 1941.
Elmerd and Cecilia Schemenauer celebrated their 50th
wedding anniversary in 1981 and their 55th wedding anniver-
sary in 1986. They will be married 59 years on September 1,
They have seven children (one daughter died as a baby),
JoAnne, whose husband, Bud Redmann, owns a machine shop
on the comer of Hwy's 97 & 29; Raymond, has a farm next door
and works at Weathershield in Medford; Elmer, who lives in
Cedarburg, is a carpenter; Peter, who with his wife and son runs
the home place; Susan, who with her husband, Dennis Nowacki,
have a dairy farm near Athens; Kathleen, who with her hus-
band, Glen Zettler, have a dairy farm near Athens.
They now have 28 grand-children and 10 great grand-
Peter Schemenauer Family
Peter has lived in the Town of Frankfort since the day he
was born, back in November 1940. He attended the Franklin
Country School just a mile and a half down the road and
remembers walking to school or riding his bike. He attended the
Abbotsford Public High School. He ran the home farm while his
Dad, Elmerd, worked off the farm. For a short time he worked
nights at Marathon Cheese. In September of 1966 he married
Marian Gierl, from the Town of Johnson, and they lived in a
mobile home on the home place for 12 years until there was a fire
that gutted out the farm house in January of 1978. That house
was torn down and a new house built on the same site. Pete and
Marian have one son, Craig, who works at Customshield in
Medford. Marian is Office Manager at Abbyland Pork Pack in
Curtiss. She had worked at the Kraft Milk plant in Milan for
almost 18 years before Kraft closed the plant in 1989.
The family farm has been in the Schemenauer name since
Donald Schilling
Donald Schilling has a 13 year old daughter, Cindi. He has
lived in the township for sixteen years. He was in the army for
two years and served one year in Vietnam. He is employed at
Wisconsin Homes in Marshfield.
Joe Schilling Family
Joe Schilling came to Frankfort from Sheboygan County
with his parents in 1903. He married Augusta Sellung. They
farmed in Section 19.
They had five daughters and five sons: Adeline, Thomas,
Clarence, Mabel, Margaret, Herbert, Ervin, Paul (deceased),
Arlene (deceased) and Irene. Adeline married Albert Raasch,
Mabel married Harvey Barts Jr., Margaret married Harlen
Witt, Irene married Tom Burdette. Clarence married LaVilla
Neitzel, Herbert married Jean Olson, Ervin married Doris Will.
Thomas never married.
Thomas took over the home farm and farmed for 23 years.
He then sold it to his brother Herbert and his wife Jean. Herbert
and Thomas were World War II veterans. Thomas lives in
Abbotsford and Herbert lives in the town of Hull.

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