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Town of Frankfort centennial

Pioneer memories,   pp. 77-110

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He then worked and saved up enough money to bring his
family to the United States and settled in Manistee, MI in the
late 1870's. While living in Michigan, some more of the children
died of small pox.
In the 1880's, they moved to the Town of Frankfort and
settled in Section 11. There again, one of the daughters, age 16,
died of typhoid fever and another son died in Kansas while
Daniel was visiting his brother's family. OUt of a family of 13
children, only two of the youngest lived to become adutls. One
daughter, Ottille, married Henry Borchardt of the town ofWien
and the youngest son, Otto, was born in Manistee, MI in 1882.
Otto Remus and his sister, Ottille, attended school in
District 1 which was then located on the SE-SE cornerin Section
11, one-half mile south of the Daniel Remus farm. Teachers only
taught school until the fifth grade in those days.
Otto Remus married Augusta Zuehlke of Stratford and took
over the home farm after Daniel Remus died in 1917.
Otto took up his father's trade doing veterinary work for
local farmers. He served as secretary of the Diamond Cheese
Factory for several years. He also served as school clerk of the
Smith School, District No. 1, for three years and was Town
Assessor for twenty years. Otto died in 1951 at the age of 69. His
wife died in 1981 at the age of 92.
They had two daughters, Olga and Dorothy, and two sons,
Walter and Herman. Dorothy married Gust Hager and lived in
Section 14. They had no children. Olga married Herbert
Klimpke and they live in Stevens Point and have three boys and
two girls. Olga is a graduate of Stevens Point College as a
Herman married Lillian Schmal ofFenwood. They had one
son and two daughters. Walter married Esther Denzin of
Dorchester. They had six daughters and one son. Carol, Connie,
Marie, Elaine, Jeanette, Sandy and Donald.
Walter took over the homestead farm in Section 11 in 1951
and farmed there until 1958 when a tornado destroyed the barn.
They then purchased the Joe Loskot farm in Section 12 and
farmed there until 1961. He served as Frankfort Town Assessor
for five years and served as School Director for six years.
In 1966 they moved to Wausau where he became affiliated
with the Laird Appraisal Company of Wausau, and did assess-
ing and appraisal work for them. In 1971, when he was working
in Ritzville, Washington, he had a heart attack and died in
February 1971.
Daniel's two brothers also immigrated to the United States
in the 1880's. The older brother, Carl, settled in Johnstown,
Pennsylvania, where his whole family were drowned in one of
the floods in the 1880's which they had periodicallyinJohnstown.
Daniel's younger brother, Albert, settled in Kansas in 1883.
He married Marie Rickert. She was also born in Meckeline,
Germany in 1859. Marie Rickert was first married to Henry
Rodenbeck, and they had three children by this marriage:
Henry, William and Ella. After Henry Rodenbeck died, she then
married Albert Remus. They moved to the Town of Frankfort in
1900 and lived in a log cabin for a short time in Section 10 across
the road from what is now the Art Giese farm until they could
build a house on their own 80 acres in Section 4.
The Albert Remus family had seven boys: John, Herman,
Charles, Albert, Richard, Samuel and Walter. Herman, Albert
and Walter died in infancy. There was one daughter, Louise.
Louise moved to Kansas and married Otto Willert. They
had three daughters and two sons.
John married Anna Guse. They had six daughers and one
son. They lived in Section 15 and later moved to Clintonville,
Samuel married Erna Weinke and they had two daughters
and three sons and they lived in Section 35 in the Town of
Charles Remus married Ella Lehman and they had three
daughters and three sons. They lived in Section 4 for several
years and later moved to the Athens area.
Richard married Caroline Bothe of the town of Johnson.
They had three daughters: Myrtle, Augusta and Alice. They
also had two sons: Albert and Arthur.
Myrtle never married and lives at home. Augusta married
Harold Solchenberger of the town of Johnson and lives in Ger-
mantown. They have three boys and two girls.
Albert married Victoria Wiederhoeft of the Town of
Frankfort. They farmed in Frankfort for fifteen years, then
moved to another farm in the town of Halsey. They had three
boys, Robert, Gary and Eldon, and one daughter, Marilyn.
Albert died in 1971.
Arthur married Ellen Slick of Unity and they have on
daughter Susan - married Ervin Yessa- and two sons, ArthurJr.
and Scott. Arthur took over the home farm in Section 4, which
he still farms. Richard, his father, also did veterinary work for
local farmers. Arthur deals in antique tractors.
William and Bertha
Robertson Family
William and Bertha Robertson came from Scotland. They
moved to the town of Frankfort in 1917 and purchased 480 acres
in section 27 and 28. They came from Goodhue County, Cannon
Falls, MN.
They had four daughters and two sons, Eva, Marian, Mattie
and Gladys, John and Earl. John and Eva moved back to Min-
nesota. Marian married Fred Forss. Three years later they
moved back to Minnesota. Earl married Mildred Wicker - they
had one son Robert and one daughter Virginia. Robert married
Betty Johnson and they moved to Florida. Virginia married
Myron Busche. They have one daughter and three boys and live
in Wausau.
History of Gene Rodman Family
Gene and Martha Rodman have lived in the Town of
Frankfort for forty-seven years. They are the parents of Gail,
Corrine and Wade. Gene is self-employed at Rodman's Bar and
Martha is employed at Hartman's Variety Store in Athens.
Gene's parents started Rodman's Bar. His mother's par-
ents and her grandparents live in the Town of Frankfort. They
came from Germany.
Family of Helen Rodman
Helen Rodman has been a resident of the Tbwn of Frankfort
for 73 years. Her parents came to the area from Germany
She has two sons - Robert and Gene. She is retired.
Robert Rodman Family
Robert and Judy Rodman have three children: Brian, Blain
and Bradley. Bob has been a resident for fifty-four years and
Judy for twenty-eight years. Bob served in the Army for two
years, 1955-56. They are farmers and Judy is also Town
Brian is employed at County Concrete and Blain is em-
ployed at Larson Construction.

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