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Town of Frankfort centennial

Schools,   pp. 57-75

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One of the early schools built in the late 1890's in the Town
of Frankfort was in District 2, Section 9, on the SESE corner of
land owned by Wisconsin Valley Land Company at that time
and now owned by Edward Mielke.
On March 1, 1907 the school burned down and for the
balance of the year school was held in a temporary building.
That same year a new school was built one mile north on the
SWSW corner in Section 3 on land then owned by Otto Mesalk
and now owned by Caroline Halverson and Mrs. Art Giese. It
opened in the fall of 1908 and was named the "Franklin School"
after the Statesman, Ben Franklin, by Anton Schmirler who
was then clerk on the school board.
Wisconsin Statutes required that all one room schools be
consolidated with some high school by July 1, 1962. A school
consolidating committee was appointed in each county to super-
vise and conduct hearings to accomplish this. The Franklin
School Districthad petitioned the Committee tojoin the Hillcrest
School, but was denied. A meeting was held at the Franklin
School with the School Committee of Clark and Marathon
Counties to divide the school district and attach same to some
high school. The meeting washeld on a stormy eveningin March
with poor roads and the Committee had to be hauled to the
school from HIghway 29 by wagon and tractor by William Olson.
A total of 17 electors were present and it was voted to dissolve
the School District temporarily to Hoard, Smith and Hillcrest
Schools and later to the high school districts of Abboteford,
Athens, Colby and Edgar.
Ra,                                       $
I -
1famez of flupils
Anna Mohr          Emma Mohr
Rudolph Mohr
August Gartmann Willie Gartmann
Peter Martyn
Bastian Martyn       Elsie Zenk
Annie Zenk
Martha Giese       Willie Giese
Minnie Giese
Henry Giese         Joe Ehrhart
Susie Schmirler
Anton Schmirler Clara Schmirler
'Walter Schmirler
Charlie Zenk       Clara Bobert
Frank Bobert
Evald Bobert       Hugo Bobert
Richard Remus
Sam Remus         Walter Remus
Willie Melehart
Joe Roboisky . Mamie Vanderhyden
Some of the early teachers who taught at this school before
1907 were: A.J. Cherney, Jennie Delanney, and Emma Zepp.
The teacher in 1907 was Anna Larson, The students attending
in 1906-1907 school year were: August Gartman, Tony Schmirler,
Elsie Zenk, Freddie Rich, Hattie Rich, Minnie Giese, Frank
Bobert, William Gartman, Annie Zenk, Sebastian Martyn, Henry
Giese, Hugo Bobert, Willie Melchart, Ewald Bobert, Claire
Schmirler, Anne Mohr, Susie Schmirler, Martha Giese, Peter
Martyn, Rudolph Mohr, Clara Bobert, Emma Mohr, Alvin
The new school opened on September 7,1908 with Florence
A. Grade as teacher. Teacher's salary was $39.00 per month and
average pupil tuition was $1.00 per month.
The following is a list of teachers who taught at the Franklin
School during the 52 years it was in existance:
1908-10     Florence Grade
1910-11     Laura Hobart
1912-14     Anna D. Petri
1914-15     Magdalena W. Schmalz
1915-16     Cora Schneider
1916-17     Anna A. Wirkus
1917-18     Daniel J. Wirkus
1918-19     Elsie Ziebell Thiel
Teacher made note: "School closed for 29 days due to Spanish
Influenza Epidemic." She also noted: 'Beginners can under.
stand quite a bit of the English language but it is hard for them
to talk. These pupils are mere infants and I handled them as
,J..   *.. C-.
*  cboollt't. 1.1. 2,
Jfranhfort, Cownebip,   .
 lIoaratbon Countp, is.  -.
,.      t~gogo.
John F. Lamont,  County Supt.
; ...... ....~~  ~~~.*: ;. .i  2 3.-7

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