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Town of Frankfort centennial

Churches,   pp. 51-56

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HAMANN     Friedrich - Geb. 2 Feb. 1804-
Gest. 17 Juni 1881
HOCK       Lydia M. - Geb. 18 Juni 1880 -
Gest. 29 Mai 1882
SCHOOLEY Dale ). - Born May 11, 1882 -
Died July 15, 1893
Infant Son - Born Feb. 20, 1890
Baby - Died May 20, 1894
Children of S.H. & A. B. Schooley
PANKONIN Wilhelm R. B., sohn von G. u P. Pankonin
Geb. 8 Aug. 1900 - Gest 30 April 1901
Also buried in this cemetery without stones:
LOSKOT      Vadslau - Born 1836 Praha, Bohemia -
died 20 May 1908 town of Frankfort
Mary - wife of Vadslau - Born 1843 in
Bohemia - died 29 Nov. 1921 town of Frankfort
Burials since 1975:
REDMAN      Lester-- June 23, 1930 - Sept. 21, 1979
Ida -- Nov. 14, 1899 - Feb., 1987
St. Johns's Lutheran Church - Town of Wien
The history of Peace Lutheran Church goes back to the time
when the automobile was becoming popular, or to the late teens.
On February 3,1918, a group of Lutheran Christians met in the
Franklin District School for the purpose of organizing a congre-
gation in the Township of Frankfort. Charter members were
Fred Giese, George Mueller, Herman Beilke, Peter Martyn,
Otto Hartig, and Louis Yessa. They accepted the constitution as
proposed by Pastor Karl Schmalz who was to be their first
At the 1919 annual meeting ofSt. John's American Lutheran
Church, a group ofimembers asked for a peaceful dismissal from
St. John's in order to organize their own congregation in the
Frankfort Township. From this orderly and Christian way of
separating themselves from the mother congregation, it can be
assumed that the name of the new congregation is appropriate.
The first worship service was held in the home of August
Giese Sr., March 2, 1919, and from that time on every second
Sunday in the Franklin School whenever possible. On April 4,
the first Ladies Aid was organized. A Luther League was formed
April 21 and on April 25, a contract was signed with the
architectural firm of Krassin Brothers of Marshfield, Wiscon-
sin. For his efforts of getting so many things started, the
congregation gave Pastor Schmalz a written agreement for a
starting salary of $200.00 per year on May 18.
The contract for building of the new church was set on April
25, 1919. The building of the new church was begun June 5,
1919 and the corner stone was laid during a special service on
June 22. There are no further records for the remainder of1919.
May 2,1920 was a busy day for Pastor Schmalz. In addition
to dedicating the new church building, it was also the day he
celebrated the thirtieth anniversary as pastor of St. John's.
Many remember him being a sick man that day.
On August 28, Pastor Schmalz was called from his earthly
duties, being fifty-five years of age. Already at this time, the
congregation numbered some ninety members, of which eighty-
nine were charter members.
The first official acts which are recorded in the Pastor's
record book include the baptism of Minna Marie Martha, the
child of George Mueller and Anna (nee) Seeger on August 29,
1920 by Pastor Fr. Proehl. The first confirmation class, con-
firmed on June 4, 1922 included Elmer Mesalk, Arnold Bobert,
Alvin Mueller, Carl Jank, Heinrich Zenk, Elsie Smith, Helen
Mesalk and Ester Bradow.
The first wedding was September 7, 1920, when Eugene
Smith and Irene Giese were married. The first funeral was for
Robert Zenk on April 30,1921. Robert was fifteen years old. The

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