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Town of Frankfort centennial

Organizations,   pp. 43-50

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South Franklin Homemaker's Club was organized when
some of the members of the Franklin Homemaker's Club liv-
ing in the southern end of the Town of Frankfort decided to
form a new club of their own. The club was organized in the
early part of 1947 and no record books have been located as to
their activities and club officers.
The members of this club, in 1947 were: Mrs. Herman
Totzke, Mrs. Ernest Hoernke, Mrs. Herman Ballerstein, Mrs.
Reinold Wucherphennig, Mrs. Earl Robertson, Mrs. Lee
Grant, Mrs. Lenhard Forest, Mrs. Ernest Passehl, Mrs. Albert
Syring, and Mrs. Theodore Dirks.
It is assumed the club was active until its reorganization in
January 1955. The name was changed to The Happy Helpers
Homemaker's Club. This took place at the home of Mrs.
Theodore Dirks.
In February 1955, at the home of Mrs. Herman Totzke, the
following officers were elected: President-Mrs. Edna Busche,
Vice-President-Mrs. Herman Totzke, Secretary and
Treasurer-Mrs. William Hartl, and other presidents serving
the club were:
Mrs. John Busche and Mrs. Herman Totzke attended tbs
National Homemaker's Convention in Chicago on August 1
1958-Donated to the Heart Fund and March of Dimes.
1961-Donated to Easter Seal Fund.
1963-Donated a hospital gift to Marlene Schillinger.
1964-Donated gifts to Marathon County Hospital patients.
1965-Celebrated tenth anniversary of club.
1970-Voted not to join the District Homemaker's Center an
to withdraw from the County Extension Homemaker'
and continue as a local club.
1972-Donated to the Roland Totzke fund when their trails
house burned down. Donated to the retarded   hildrcn
1975-Donated to the Cancer Fund.
1976-Donated to Ronald Decker fund, a luekemia victim
1957 Mrs. Agnes Totzke
1958 Elfrieda Hoernke
1960 Viola Treankler
1963 Agnes Totzke
1966 Milda Hamann
1969 Viola Treankler
1972 Wolga Dirks
1974 Vivian Smolke
1976 Virgene Martens
1978 Janice Brown
1980 Shirley Bargander
1981 Viola Totzke
1982 Marie Totzke - Kay Sutton
1983 Josephine Yessa
1984 Viola Totzke
1985 Virgene Martens
1987 Dorie Wussow
1990 Janice Brown
Wolga Dirks, Agnes Totzke, Viola Treankler, Milda
Hamann, Edna Busche, Luetta Hartl, Viola Totzke and
Dorothy Totzke.
Members belonging to the club 1955-1980: Mrs. Theodore
Dirks, Mrs. Herman Totzke, Mrs. Albert Syring, Mrs. Albert
Totzke, Mrs. William Hartl, Mrs. Harry Schultz, Mrs. Roy
Dallman, Mrs. Edna Busche, Mrs. Leo Hartl, Mrs. Delmar
Telschow, Mrs. Richard Totzke, Mrs. Harold Hoernke, Mrs.
Theodore Kahler, Mrs. LaVern Treankler, Mrs. Royal
Hamann, Mrs. Ernest Hoernke, Mrs. Lucille Heucke, Mrs.
Clarence Hamann, Mrs. Harold Jaster, Mrs. Archie Sutton,
Mrs. Lawrence Smolke, Mrs. Becker, Mrs. Wallace Callies,
Mrs. Norman Martens, Mrs. Ronald Brown, Mrs. Fred Totzke,
Since the Cherokee Chums 4-H Club was started in 192
there were members on the West side of the Town of Frankfor
who were members of the Cherokke Chums 4-H Club at on
time or another.
The first 4-H Club to be organized in the Town of Frant
fort was organized in 1944 and started in 1945 by Mrs
Dorothy Fitzel, (former Dorothy Olson of Cherokee) now Mrs
Dorothy Totzke and Mr. Loddie Loskot as leaders with 31
members joining. The club was named Frankfort 4-H Club an
stayed together until 1948.
In 1949 the club was divided into two 4-H Clubs, due to th
large enrollment. The North part of the Town of Frankfort we
reorganized by Mr. Loddie Loskot as leader and this club wa,
called the Franklin 4-H Club. The south side was reorganize(
by Mrs. Dorothy Fitzel as leader and was called Frankfor
The Franklin 4-H Club continued under the leadership o
Loddie Loskot until 1959 when it was disolved due to lacko
new members and the older ones graduating because of age
The Frankfort Farmerettes under the direction of Mr
Dorothy Fitzel continued until 1957 when the name wa
changed to "The Happy Helper 4-H Club" and continued to b
active until 1968. The Totzkes sold their farm and moved t
Schofield where she continued as a 4-H Leader in the local 4-4
Club (Weston-Three Corners). She has been a 4-H leader for 3
Some of the members of the Happy Helpers Club, when
was disolved, joined the Wein Workers 4-H. This club w,
organized by Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Syring. This club was acti
until 1977 when it was disolved. Their last General Leader wt
Mrs. Margene Streit.
The Frankfort Friends 4-H Club was organized in 1975 an
absorbed some of the members of the Wein Workers 4-H Cli
The Frankfort 4-H Club organized in 1944 with Loddi
Loskot and Mrs. Dorothy Fitzel as General Leaders with t!
following members:
President:    Irma Hoernke
Vice President: Lorinda Giese
Secretary:    Harriet Klumb
Treasurer:    Betty Wussow

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