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Town of Frankfort centennial

Organizations,   pp. 43-50

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The club has provided Christmas and Easter Baskets and
food to the needed and shut-ins. Some of those receiving
these were Henry Schroeder, Walter Schillinger, Matt
Scholchenberger's, Ronald Switlick, Bradley Denzine, Mrs.
Walter Mueller, Alvin Schemenauer, Anton Van Dreel, Fred
Blanke, William Kilty, William Leffel, Marion Potts, Mrs.
John Lance and Melvin Kilty.
Members of the club have visited, entertained and provided
food to both of the nursing homes in the area. They have
donated to the Sandra Kay Schmirler fund, to the Walter
Petznik fund, and to Mount View County Sanitarium.
They have sent gifts to servicemen for several years. Money
has been donated for scholarships, which is given to some
select girl who is taking home economics in college.
In 1957, Janet Randt, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Randt, Town of Frankfort, a student at the Stratford High
School, received the Homemaker's scholarship award.
In June 1954, Mrs. Loddie Loskot attended the Country
Women of the World Convention at Montreal, Canada. This is
an International Organization of Women Homemaker's.
Some of the other accomplishments of the club were:
1958-The club changed the name back to the original-
Franklin Homemaker's Club. Donated $15.00 to the
Stratford school for retarded children.
1964-The club went under the name of Franklin Extension
Homemaker's Club, denoting it was under the supervision
of the County Home Economics Agent.
1965-Mrs. Joyce Bergman an adopted sister member residing
at the Colby Nursing Home received visits and gifts from
club members.
1966-Donated $5.00 to the Mobile Van for India. Mrs. Melvin
Kilty attended the National Homemaker's Convention at
Fort Collins, Colorado.
1969-Donated electric stove to the Town of Frankfort and
had it installed in town hall.
1972-Received a certificate of merit from the County
Extension Homemaker's for being in the top 10% in
Community Development. Donated $15.00 to Marian
(Potts) Wilson for kidney fund. Mrs. Melvin Kilty
attended National Homemaker's Convention at
Baltimore, Maryland. Celebrated 25th anniversary.
1974-Donated a wool quilt to Rodney Schreiber family after
losing their house by fire.
1975-Mrs. Melvin Kilty and Mr. and Mrs. Loddie Loskot
attended the National Homemaker's Convention at
Orlando, Florida.
1976-Donated $25.00 to Ronald Decker fund. Members
helped with bicentennial celebration at the Frankfort
Town Hall, they served refreshments. Donated 13 star
flag to the township. Made a bicentennial quilt which
was displayed at the Wisconsin Valley Fair. Later the quilt
was raffled off at a card party held at the town hall. Mrs.
Robert (Lorinda Giese) Erickson, Mrs. Vernon Leffel, and
Mrs. Merlin Kilty attended National Conventional at
Morton Town, West Virginia.
1977-Donated gift to Meldon Giese family who lost their house
by fire. Donated $15.00 to Brice Bender family who lost
their house by fire.
1978-Held a benefit card party for Elmer Schemenauer
whose house burned down. Voted to discontinue taking
books from bookmobile.
1979-Members donated food and baked goods to Ronald
Schmidt whose barn burned down. Donated $25.00 to
Ardith Murphy Scholarship Fund. Mrs. Vernon Leffel
and Mrs. Merlin Kilty attended the National Home-
maker's Convention held at Seattle, Washington.
Mrs. Loddie Loskot
(founding club president)
FRANKLINS 50TH YEAR - The Franklin Homemaker's Club recently celebrated their 50th
anniversary at Dave's Steak House in Owen. Honored 50 year members include Elsie Giese, Cecelia
Schemenauer, and Dorothy Loskot (deceased), original club president. The Homemakers were first
organized September 1940. From left are Caroline Halverson, Donna Kilty, Gertrude Sazama,
Cecelia Schemenauer, Jean Mielke, Mildred Olson, Bev Duvall, Mayme Kilty, Marion Kalepp,
Alvina Giese, and Dorothy Wenzel.                      46

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