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Town of Frankfort centennial

Town of Frankfort men who served in the armed forces,   p. 42

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Town of Frankfort pays tribute and gives recognition to all
the service men who served in all the wars especially those
who served overseas, and gave their life for their country. As
of this date no record of women serving in the armed forces
from Frankfort, also no record of Civil War veterans, unless
some of the older men as the Chapmans, Schooleys, Swans, or
Much of the land in this area was deeded to Civil War
veterans as a bonus for their service to their country. There is
a question if very many of them camp up in this area to claim
their land or settled here to live. Some of this land was
probably purchased by other settlers or by some land
In World War I George Chapman enlisted in the army from
the Town of Frankfort. After the war the Chapman family
moved to the Town of Johnson. George Chapman was killed in
action in France and the Chapman-Betler American Legion
post of Athens was named after him. Daniel Wirkus also died
during World War I from the Flu or Pneumonia.
Veterans of World War I 1917-1918
Herman Ballerstein            Carl Hoernke Jr.
John Bargender                Geroge Hoernke
Anton Borchardt              Martin Jahnke
Adolph Bornowski             Joseph Loskot
Emil Bornowski               Herman Neitzel
Herbert Brown                Andrew Passehl
George Chapman               Arthur Petri
Leon Chapman                 Eugene Rahn
John Dvorak                   Samual Remus
Loddie Dvorak                Arthur Schmirler
Louis Dvorak                 Daniel Wirkus
William Giese                Frank Wright
Martin Hamann                Reinhold Wucherpfennig
John Hass                     Carl Zenk
Victor Dahlke enlisted from the Town of Wien and after the
war lived in the Town of Frankfort.
Veterans Of World War II 1941-1946
Clarence Adams               Elmer Grieser
Eugene Adams                 Hilbert Grieser
Robert Adams                 Arnold Heucke
Robert Ballerstein           Herman Hrobsky
Clement Bandow               Rudolph Hrobsky
Anton Bohman                  Elmer Martyn
Joseph Bohman                Alfred Potts
Freddie Bornowski            Roland Potts
Albert Christiansen          Thomas Schilling
Raymond Dvorak               Herbert Schillinger
Francis                       Otto Schillinger
(Hack) Ellenbecker            Silverous Schillinger
Leo Forss                    Hilbert Schmirler
Joseph Geiger                 Lester Schneider
Arnold Grabowski             Gordon Randt
Sam Remus - World War I
J.D. Seboe
Albert Syring
Martin Syring
Albert Thomas
Frank Taylor
LeonardJantsch was drafted from the Town of Holton and later
moved to the Town of Frankfort.
Men Who Served in the Armed
Services After World War II
Korean and Vietnam and Others
Wayne Belanger
Clifford Bohman
Jerry Bohman
John Bohman
Kenneth Bohman
Larry Bohman
Lawrence Bohman
Roger Bohman
Melvin Carter
LeRoy Christiansen
James Hamann
Harold Loskot
Edward Martyn
Arnold Mueller
Harold Podevels
Melvin Podevels
Floyd Olson
Roger Olson
Elmer Schemenauer
Raymond Schemenauer
Walter Schillinger Jr.
Elmer Syring
Martin Syring
Delmar Telschow
Carl Totzke
John Totzke
Bruce Wussow

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