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Trenk, Fred B. (Fred Benjamin), 1900- / Forest planting handbook

Planting methods and equipment,   pp. 7-13 PDF (1.8 MB)

Page 9

should then be spaded from the opposite wall of_ the trench, and
packed firmly against the roots and partly up the stems of the trees.
Aftr the soil is packed and smoothed off, it should lay at a 45 de-
gree angle and is then ready to receive another row of trees, to be
spread out as described for the first row. One thousand trees heeled-
in in this manner will require about 12 feet of trenching. After the
trees are heeled-in frequent watering and shade are necessary.
Preparing the Planting Site
  Complete cultivation of the soil before planting is unnecessary; in
fact it may hinder the growth of the young trees, because of the
    Wherever possible trees should be planted-In shallow furrows.
weeds which usually follow complete cultivation. In light, sandy soils,
cultivation may cause blow areas and drifting of the soil.
  Planting the trees in the bottom of shallow furrows proves most
satisfactory and furrowing should be done wherever possible. Shallow
furrows, preferably 14 or more inches wide, and not over three inches
deep are the best. The trees should be planted next to the furrowed
soil, in the bottom of the furrow, to provide a strip of cleared soil on
both sides of them. Furrowing may be done in late summer or early
fall, even though the-planting may not be done until the following
  The presence of sod, when a plantation is set out, is a retarding
factor mi he survival and rate of growth of the young trees, because
of the large amount of moisture absorbed by the roots of the sod,
whieh robs the young trees of this necessary moisture. Studies made
In severa older plantations* show the influence of sod, when it is ndt
properly removed, in retarding the growth of the young trees. Four
*-- W. W. Mory. Wlsmain  D    _ertmet of Agdicuture ma Mwhbf

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