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Trenk, Fred B. (Fred Benjamin), 1900- / Forest planting handbook

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                  -Source of Planting Stock
  The Wisconsin Conservation Department maintains at Trout Lake in
the Northern State Forest, Vilas county, a forest tree seedling and
transplant nursery. For several years approximately 1,500>000 trees
grown in this nursery have been planted annually on state and county
owned lands, and about an equal number have been sold for private
reforestation projects in Wisconsin. A small quantity each year has
been offered for free distribution to farmers who agreed to establish
demonstration plantations under the direction of a county agricultural
agent. Four H Club members who have enrolled as Junior Forest
Rangers have also received free trees.
  A specific agreement, which must be signed by every purchaser of
trees, sets forth the limits placed upon the use and disposition of the
trees. This reads as follows:
  In consideration of the fact that the state is furnishing trees at a
nominal price to encourage reforestation, I agree as follows:
  By forest planting or reforestation, so far as this agreement is con-
cerned, is meant the planting of trees for the establishment of a for-
est, or for the improvement of a forest now existing, or for similar for-
est uses, but not for ornamental br landscape purposes.
  Shipment of trees will be limited to the following classes of land-
(1) Farmers, for planting on idle land or for windbreaks;
(2) Owners of land entered under the forest crop law;
(3) Landowners whose purpose of planting is the production of forest
  1. The trees received will be planted in Section _ , Township
-_____, Range -------__, County -_______--- , State of Wisconsin,
and are not obtained for the purpose of resale.
  2. I will not dig, cut off, or move these trees after planting until
they are large enough to be sold for merchantable timber.
  3. I will furnish reports to the conservation department when re-
quested, and this planting may be inspected by the conservation de-
patment or its agents at any time.
  4. I will protect the area from fire, trespass, anJ grazing.
  5. In- case of injury from insects or tree diseases, I will write to the
State Entomologist, Madison, Wisconsin, for advice.

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