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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Introduction: local cooperative histories,   pp. 33-49 PDF (4.3 MB)

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erative relations exist between the City and the Cooperative, giving rent-
free offices in the Bank building, being an example of the city's attitude.
    STATEWIDE'S president, Mr. H. 0. Melby, of Westby is President also
of his local Cooperative. Other officers and directors are:
                  RAY CLARK, Vice-President, Cashion
                  MELVIN E. OLSON, Secretary, Viroqua
                  C. V. GORMAN, Treasurer, Viroqua
                      NICK DORSCHEID, LaFarge
                      R. M. GRIMSRUD, Westby
                      OTTO G. HENRY, Viroqua
                      JOE HORA, Hillsboro
                      A. J. RISToW, Genoa
    Meetings are held the last Tuesday of every month at the office of
the Cooperative.
    The contract for the building of the lines, which before deletion
included 519 miles, was let to C. A. Hooper Company of Madison, who
started construction in August and expect to complete the lines, ready for
energizing the last part of January. Power is being purchased from the
Northern States Power Company.
    Mr. N. F. Leifer, the Project Superintendent, reports a membership
list of 1,620 members.  Miss Pearl Hanson is office stenographer.  N. L.
Lundeen is resident engineer, representing STATEWIDE.
    The Cooperative has held no special celebration, but they were the
sponsors of a large electrical exhibit at the Vernon County Fair which
was held in September, and due to the fine attitude of the dealers much
educational benefit was derived by prospective consumers. County Agent
Orrin Johnson and his predecessor, Julius Aasen, have given abundantly
of time and effort, wherever they could aid Vernon County farmers in
this new enterprise.
    At the invitation of the Cooperative, through its manager, the staff
of STATEWIDE held its October meeting in Westby. They were met with
the characteristic hospitality of the community, to the enjoyment of all.
The spirit of working together was very discernible on the part of officials
of the Cooperative and of the city, and the principle of neighborliness
with all communities could be felt in the attitude of both groups.
    The rough terrain and winding roads of Vernon and its neighboring
counties in which the lines are laid, make it necessary to obtain private
right-of-way across the fields to build the lines as nearly straight as
possible. The VERNON ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE has been saved consider-
able expense by the application of their neighborly principle at home in
willingness of the farmers to grant the desired private right-of-way.
    The Cooperative idea among Wisconsin farmers has reached also
into the generating field. In the northwestern section of the state ten
rural electric cooperatives, because of their difficulty in obtaining reason-
able wholesale rates from existing utilities, met and organized the WIs-
CONSIN POWER COOPERATIVE on May 25, 1937. The Rural Electrification
Administration has appropriated to date (December 30) $705,000.00.
Contracts for various parts of the construction work have been let to low
bidders, approved by Washington and the entire project is expected to

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