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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Introduction: local cooperative histories,   pp. 33-49 PDF (4.3 MB)

Page 46

    When representatives of electric cooperatives assembled to discuss
their mutual problems, at the meeting which resulted in the incorporation
of the Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association, the TREMPEALEAU
COUNTY ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE was represented by Mr. E. R. Finner. The
group reincorporated, dropping "County" from the name, on February
12, 1937.
    The farmers of Trempealeau County hold in reverence the memory
of County Agent R. V. Larson, deceased, whose initiative and leadership
played so large a part in the early life of the cooperative.
    The officers and directors are as follows:
             E. R. FINNER, President, Dodge
             E. N. KLEVEN, Vice-President, Strum
             CLARENCE KAAS, Secretary-Treasurer, Osseo
                  A. C. HAGESTAD, Ettrick
                  JOHN HUSLEGARD, Independence
                  E, H. SCHROEDER, Whitehall
                  JULIUS HEGGE, Eurick
                  INGVALD MYHERS, Strum
                  H. A. HARDIE, Galesvillc
    Manager M. J. Lawrence reports that the Cooperative has about 900
members at present but expect to increase this materially as soon as their
project is energized. The local office is in Arcadia and Miss E. G. Brown-
lee is office secretary.
    Trempealeau and its "twin" project, Buffalo, were both allotted
]936 funds, but due to wholesale rate negotiations beginning of construc-
tion was delayed. The Trempealeau contract was awarded to Snyder &
Johnson, Inc., of Humboldt, Iowa, who began construction in May, 1937.
Mr. L. E. Parkyn was placed there by STATEWIDE to represent them as their
resident engineer. Early in November, 1937, the project was inspected
by a representative of REA, and the construction approved.
    Within a few weeks after the first of the year, it is expected that the
transmission lines and the generating plant of the Wisconsin Power Coop-
erative will be completed and the long awaited current will be flowing
through the lines to these hundreds of homes. The TREMPEALEAU ELECTRIC
COOPERATIVE is on Unit I and will get its energy from the substation north
of Arcadia, which also feeds the Buffalo Cooperative. E. R. Finner is
V'ice-President of the Wisconsin Power Cooperative.
    The neighborly spirit of the Trempealeau Group was manifested
in their invitation to the STATEWIDE staff to be their guests for their
August meeting. . The office and field staff, easement men and directors
and wives from neighboring projects were stimulated to new efforts by
the interest and activity of the Trempealeau Cooperators, and a new feeling
Pf unity prevailed as a result of this friendly gathering.
                    Wisconsin-41 -Vernon
    One of the Charter members of WRECA, represented at the organ-
i.ation meeting of Mr. H. 0. Melby, was the VERNON COUNTY ELECTRIC
(COOPERATIVE, which reincorporated, omitting the word "County"
their name on February 8, 1937.
    An office has been established in Westby and the heartiest of coop.

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