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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Introduction: local cooperative histories,   pp. 33-49 PDF (4.3 MB)

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entirely dependent upon the vast amount of educational work done. This
cooperative realizes that cooperatives must be able to match the efficiency
of private business. To do this, it need not resort to false economy or
the lowering of employees' living standards, but rather by the use of good
management. By these means, this Cooperative plans to conduct the
enterprise for use rather than for profit. One of the reasons for the
success of this Cooperative is the fact that the members take a keen interest
in cooperative affairs and constantly work for its progress. This coop-
erative also realizes the value of working with other cooperatives and has
taken and will continue to take a keen and active interest in the Wisconsin
Rural Electric Cooperative Association of which this Association was one
of the organizers.
     In point of incorporation the LAFAYETTE ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE,
 which was incorporated on February 26, 1936, is just a few weeks older
 than the neighboring Grant County Cooperative. Construction activities
 in the two projects are at approximately the same stage.
     The LAFAYETTE COOPERATIVE maintains an office at present in the
County court house on North Main Street. Mr. Edward J. Paska is project
superintendent and Miss Mary Hancock, office secretary. Here the Board
of Directors meet to discuss and solve the problems of the group which
has entrusted them with the responsibility of guiding them through this
new enterprise. The following men were elected to the Board:
              SAM BYRNE, President, Mineral Point
              M. 0. MONSON, Vice-president, Gratiot
              M. C. HELM, Secretary-Treasurer, Darlington
              W. R. MCCARVILLE, Darlington
              LEON ANDREWS, South Wayne
              R. D. TEASDALE, Shullsburg
              NEWTON THOMAS, Shullsburg
              ALBERT NEFF, Warren, Illinois
              D. T. STUART, South Wayne
     The contract for the construction of the lines of this project has been
awarded to the C. A. Hooper Company of Madison, who started digging
holes December 15. The terms of the contract set the completion date at
July 15, 1938.
     Local organization work was begun under the direction of County
Agent R. V. Hurley, who later transferred to Dane County. His successor
LeRoy Reese, is also much interested and has given valuable assistance.
     The municipalities of Shullsburg and Argyle have offered their as-
sistance in furthering the progress of the organization.
     A power contract is being negotiated with the village of Argyle as
it has the facilities to furnish the wholesale energy and the cooperative
spirit prompting them to do so at a reasonable rate.
    Although construction is just getting under way, the membership roll
-of this group numbers more than 400 owners of prosperous farms in the
rolling land of Lafayette County.
    The representative of the Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Asso,
ciation, as resident engineer is H. M. Durnin, who has just completed
-serving in like capacity on the Rock County Project.

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