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Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association / First yearbook, 1938

Introduction: local cooperative histories,   pp. 33-49 PDF (4.3 MB)

Page 35

                   OSCAR ANDERSON, Cornell
                   A. C. HENDRICKSON, Cornell
                   MATT TURECEK, Cadou
                   J. MATSCHE, JR., Cadott
                   W. A. KWEiNER,, Boyd
    The office of the Cooperative has been established at Cornell with
R. L. Cleaves as Project Superintendent and W. L. Graf as stenographer-
bookkeeper. The Board holds monthly meetings on the first Friday of
each month in Turecek's Hall in the Town of Arthur.
    In point of mileage this project is small containing approximately
sixty miles, now complete. The organization is a member of the Wisconsin
Power Cooperative, and is located along the lines of Unit 2 of the trans-
mission project. Mr. R. L. Cleaves is on the Power Cooperative Board
and on its Executive Committee.
    Long weary months of relentless labor in organizing two and one-half
thousand people, the discouragements and disappointments are being for-
gotten now that the CLARK ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE owns 702 miles of lines
that are ready to carry the current to their homes.
    The construction progress made by the Ulen Contracting Corporation
is phenomenal, and due to this progress, which the contractor says would
have been impossible except for the fine cooperation with the engineers,
The Wisconsin Rural Electric Cooperative Association and their representa-
tives, Resident Engineers Woolridge and Truax, the project was built in less
than the time set forth in the contract. Mr. Landry, the Clark County
Agricultural Agent and Leader states that this fine record has been very
beneficial to the life of the cooperative, and that it has greatly stimulated
interest and confidence in the ultimate success of this enterprise.
  The CLARK ELECTRIC COOPERATIVE was incorporated on March 24, 1937.
The office was located at the County Agent's office in Neillsville, during
construction period, with W. A. Dallman of Colby as Project Superintend-
ent. Here the Board met regularly, bimonthly, every alternate Tuesday.
    The officers and directors are:
               VERN G. HOWARD, President, Granton
               MARTIN KLARICH, Vice-president, Willard
               WALLACE J. LANDRY, Secretary-Treasurer, Neillsville
               CARLYsLE BALDWIN, Willard
               ED. KLEIN, Spencer
               REX COPPER, Withee
     During the first part of January the Cooperative's office was moved
Greenwood by vote of the Board of Directors.
     Wallace Landry is on the Wisconsin Power Cooperative Board and
Executive Committee and Vern G. Howard is a member of the Board of
     Clark County is on Unit II of the transmission line, and the sub-
stations are located at Longwood in the north central part of the project
and at Spokesville in the eastern section.

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