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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

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ters, and on membership and educa-
tional programs. As a part of its
extensive work in cooperative educa-
tion, the Central issues two weekly
publications, the Co-operative Builder,
and Finnish Co-op Weekly.
  Wisconsin Cooperative Farm Supply
Co.-The Wisconsin Cooperative Farm
Supply Co. at Madison is a wholesale
farm-supply distributing agency. It
was organized in 1937 to take over this
function from the Wisconsin Farm
Bureau Federation (Cooperative).
Feed, seed, fertilizer, and petroleum
products are the major commodities
handled. Five cooperative associa-
tions are the members of the Wisconsin
Cooperative Farm Supply Co. and hold
its common stock. Each of the five
member associations has voting repre-
sentation in the wholesale supply
company in proportion to their re-
spective individual farmer member-
ships. The object of this provision
is to give an equal voting right to
each farmer member of the five
co-ops. Commodities are sold by the
Wisconsin Cooperative Farm Supply
Co. to both member and nonmember
local farm-supply cooperatives. Sales
in the fiscal year ended September
At the uurehouse of the Dane County Cooper-
  ative Farm Supply Co. in Madison, Wis.,
  1.500 patrons buy flour, feed, seed, fertilizer,
salt, and motor oil.
30, 1939, amounted to more than
  Fox River Valley Cooperative Whole.
sale.-A successful newcomer in the
field, the Fox River Valley Coopera.
tive Wholesale, at Appleton, sold sup-
plies for almost $470,000 in the 13.
month period ended July 31, 1940, its
fourth year of operation, and realized
a net saving of over $21,500. In the
spring of 1936, a group of retail
farmer-owned cooperatives in the Fox
River Valley, located in central and
eastern Wisconsin, joined in organizing
the wholesale-purchasing association
for the purpose of handling hardware,
petroleum products, and farm supplies.
Today the wholesale is receiving the
active support of its 38 retail member
associations representing more than
15,000 farmers.
  The original membership dues to-
gether with the annual dues represent
an initial investment of $200, which
has grown during the 4-year period to
a net worth of nearly $50,000. Cer-
tificates of capital interest on a patron-
age basis are issued each year in the
amount of the profits realized. In ac-
cordance with the revolving-fund basis
on which the certificates are to be re-
deemed, the oldest ones will be paid
  The cooperative owns its own land
and warehouse with a 360-foot rail-
road siding in Appleton, and main-
tains its sales office there. The major
items stocked are twine, rope, plumb-
ing supplies and fixtures, water sts-
tems, electrical appliances, hardware,
paint, wire and fencing, auto supplies,
grease and oil, insecticides, alcohol,
seed, and feed. The wholesale's trade-
mark "Fox Co-operative" is carried on
many of these commodities. The co.

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