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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Rapid gains made in cooperative purchasing,   pp. 37-39 PDF (780.9 KB)

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consin was prepared by Froker and
Knapp (Farm Credit Administration
Bulletin No. 20, 1937). In that study
the purchasing associations were clas-
sified in the following four major
groups: "(1) Petroleum associations,
which handle primarily petroleum
products such as gasoline, kerosene,
distillate, lubricating oil, and grease;
(2) warehouse associations, which op-
erate warehouses for the sale of feed,
seed, and other general farm supplies,
and which frequently grind and mix
feed and conduct an ordinary grain-
elevator business; (3) general store
associations, which handle staple house-
hold supplies and limited lines of such
items as feed, seed, and twine; and
(4) combination associations which
combine the handling of petroleum
products with a warehouse farm supply
  The Farm Credit Administration has
records for approximately 215 local
purchasing associations in Wisconsin,
many of which have been in operation
for many years, and, in addition the
20-odd local associations which began
operation as grain co-ops.
  Sparta Cooperative Oil Co.-More
than 100 of the local purchasing co.
operatives are petroleum associations
The Sparta Cooperative Oil Co. in
Monroe County is one of these, selling
petroleum products only. Since it
was organized in 1931, this co-op has
operated independently without affilia.
tion with a wholesale cooperative.
Sales in 1939 to almost 1,400 patrons
amounted to over $210,000.
  With the increase in hard-surfaced
roads, and the growing use of the
motortruck in transporting farm prod.
ucts, there has been a correspondingIy
rapid expansion in the farmers' need
for petroleum products. Of all sup.
plies sold cooperatively in Wisconsin,
petroleum products lead the field.
  Random Lake Cooperative Associa.
tion.-One of the associations oper-
ating a feed warehouse is the Ran-
dom Lake Cooperative Association
in Sheboygan County. It sells to
1,000 member and nonmember patrons
flour, feed, coal, cement, lime, tile,
petroleum products, and other supplies.
  The co-op also sells patrons' prod-
ucts, marketing chiefly barley, wool,
One of the Farmers Union oil cooperatives is located at Bruce, His., in Rusk

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