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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Northern Wisconsin cooperative tobacco pool carries on,   pp. 32-33 PDF (561.5 KB)

Wool co-op conducts state-wide business,   pp. 33-34 PDF (578.9 KB)

Page 33

voted to discontinue State-wide opera-
tions, and the growers in the southern
district were released from delivering
their crop to the association. The
group of northern growers viewed the
situation more hopefully and decided
to continue operation of the association
after making certain changes in oper-
ating methods. They wished the option
of marketing their own tobacco, and
to have the co-op make settlement on
an individual basis for sales that it
made. Provision was made for this
method of operation, and pooling was
practically discontinued. The more
than 700 farmers now patronizing the
association consider that the new
operating method has been very suc-
  The association marketed over 3,000,.
000 pounds of the 1939 crop, sales
aggregating more than $485,000. The
manager sells when he considers that
he has a fair price. The marketing
charge must not be more than 1 cent
a pound, and may be less. For 1939
stemming grades the charge of % cent
a pound was fixed by the board of
directors. In marketing stemming to-
bacco, the manager disburses funds
after all tobacco of like type and grades
has been sold, retaining a charge for
operating expenses. In sorting tobacco
sales, however, each lot is an individual
sale. For example, if one member has
75 bundles of sorting tobacco which
sells for 18 cents a pound, the farmer
is immediately paid 17 cents a pound
and does not have to wait until all
l-cent tobacco is sold.
  A 5-year continuous contract is in
effect. This contract runs for a period
of 5 years from June 1, 1937, but unless
either party notifies the other in writ-
in, on or before January 1 of the last
year of the term of the contract, it is
operative for an additional 5-year
period.   Nevertheless, during the
month of June each year the grower
may give notice in writing to the asso-
ciation that he desires to market his
crop himself and thereupon he is en-
titled to make the sale of his tobacco
produced that year. Incidentally, if
the grower exercises this privilege, he
agrees to pay the association 1 cent
per pound on tobacco sold by him.
The co-op maintains a headquarters
office at Madison, and a branch at
Viroqua in Vernon County, where its
warehouse is located.
Wool Co-op Conducts
State-Wide Business
  Wisconsin Cooperative Wool Grouwers
Association.-Operating on a State-
wide basis, the Wisconsin Cooperative
Wool Growers Association is marketing
the wool and mohair of the more than
2,900 members who own and control it.
It has members in each of the State's
71 counties. The association main-
tains an office at Portage. in Columbia
County, operates some 60-odd wool-
receiving agencies at country points
throughout the State, and assembles
wool in its warehouse in Milwaukee.
  Growers may send their wool to Mil-
waukee by several methods of trans-
portation. They may haul their wool
there, or haul it to one of the receiving
agencies from which it is picked up by
truck, or they may ship it directly by a
commercial trucker or by railroad. If
a grower resides in any one of about 20
counties in southeast, east, and central
districts, he may have his woolpicked
up at the farm by truck. Bags and
twine for packing the wool may be
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