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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Door County peninsula noted for cherries,   pp. 31-32 PDF (504.5 KB)

Northern Wisconsin cooperative tobacco pool carries on,   pp. 32-33 PDF (561.5 KB)

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Sturgeon Bay Brand. Of the cherries
produced, a relatively small percent is
sold as fresh fruit. Strawberries and
apples also are marketed. Growers
may purchase through the co-op sup-
plies such as nursery stock, fertilizer,
insecticides, ladders, and containers.
The co-op sold products amounting to
almost $520,000 in the fiscal year
ended June 30, 1939, and supplies
aggregating over $40,000.
  In Door County the number of local
cherry pickers is augmented every
summer by four or five thousand who
flock there from other places. A num-
ber of orchards are so large that each
employs from 500 to 1,000 pickers,
who live in standardized camps, paying
a stipulated sum for lodging and board.
In addition to maintaining a camp, an
orchardist may provide extra services
such as medical care, a full program of
sports, entertainment, and free trans-
portation to town, to church, or to
bathing beaches.
Northern Wisconsin Cooperative
Tobacco Pool Carries On
  The Wisconsin River is a dividing
line between two tobacco-producing
districts. North and west of the river
the so-called northern Wisconsin to-
bacco is grown; and to the south and
east of it, southern Wisconsin tobacco.
The tobacco produced in Wisconsin is
classified as cigar binder in the trade.
The two types produced in the State
are referred to as types 54 and 55.
Type 54 is produced in the southern
part of the State. While the two
types are similar in general appearance,
northern Wisconsin tobacco produces
thinner and finer binders. Leading
in the production of the northern
''- *- be - - -V-y, r --wu
County, Wis., the Northern Wisconsj,
Cooperative Tobacco Pool sorts and grade
its leaf tobacco in preparation for mer
tobacco are Vernon, Crawford, ant
Trempealeau Counties; the bulk oi
the southern crop is raised in Dane
Rock, and Columbia Counties. To
bacco raised by growers in the north,
ern section is sold cooperatively by at
association in Vernon County; ther
is no cooperative in the State now
handling the southern type.
   In 1922 when prices were low aftei
 the World War, Wisconsin tobacco
 growers of both the northern and
 southern districts organized the North.
 ern Wisconsin Cooperative Tobacco
 Pool, a State-wide cooperative to ware.
 house and sell their tobacco. During
 the period from 1923 through 1936
 sales handled by the pool varied from
 a maximum of more than $3,000,(00
 to a low of approximately $120,000.
 In most of these years the membership
 was six or seven thousand. By 1936,
 however, because of serious marketing
 difficulties that had developed during
 the economic depression and large
 tobacco stocks in storage, many grow.
 ers, particularly in the southern dis-
 trict, had become dissatisfied. At ihe
 annual meeting held that year members

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