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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Co-ops market wide variety of fruits and vegetables,   pp. 30-31 PDF (521.5 KB)

Door County peninsula noted for cherries,   pp. 31-32 PDF (504.5 KB)

Page 31

Cherries canned cooperatively are shipped to market on a Great Lakes barge.
to pay expenses and to accumulate a
revolving fund, which is operated on a
5-year basis. The fund is used for the
purchase of growers' supplies. If,
when any supplies are delivered they
are not paid for by a member, the
amount due is deducted from the gross
returns on his cranberries when they
are sold. The association estimates
that the use of the revolving-fund plan
has been an asset of immeasurable
value to the members, and an impor-
tant factor in building strong mem-
bership support.
More than 30 years ago, in 1906,
producers in the area evolved a cooper-
ative merchandising plan and organ-
ized the cooperative which subse-
quently became the present Wisconsin
Cranberry Sales Co. A year later
when the New England Cranberry
Sales Co. and the New Jersey Cran-
berry Sales Co. combined with the
Wisconsin producers, the three co-ops
formed the American Cranberry Ex-
change. From its main office in New
Yrk City and a branch in Chicago,
the Exchange undertakes each year to
formulate a price structure that will
result in the marketing of the entire
crop of the members of the State
associations. The Exchange opera.
tions have met with marked success.
Door County Peninsular
Noted for Cherries
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