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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

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Shipping Co-ops Organized
  In the early years of the twentieth
century Wisconsin livestock producers
were dependent upon local buyers who,
traveling from farm to farm, furnished
them with a market for their livestock.
As the prices received by the farmers
were usually unsatisfactory, the Wis-
consin Society of Equity took an active
part in helping the producers organize
cooperative livestock shipping asso-
  Durand Cooperative Livestock Ship-
ping Association.-The Durand Coop-
erative Livestock Shipping Associ-
ation at Arkansaw in Pepin County,
is the oldest livestock shipping asso-
ciation in Wisconsin, having started
to handle livestock for its members in
  This association endeavors to pro.
vide a frequent, regular, and reliable
outlet to market at the lowest possible
cost, and to give active support to the
cooperative selling agency at the
terminal market.
  With the advent of the use of the
motortruck to transport livestock, this
association, like many in northwest
Wisconsin, introduced a truck pick-
up service to the local rail loading
station, later changing to a complete
motortruck service direct from farm
to market. Sales of livestock by the
association in 1939 aggregated $63,500.
Almost all were made through the
(;entral Cooperative Association at
South St. Paul, of which the Durand
association is a shareholder.
  The co-op carries its own sinking
lund to provide for insurance against
( rippling, injury, or death of livestock
ia transit.
  Equity Cooperative Livestock Ship-
ping Association.-A group of farmers
in 1909 organized at Marshfield in
Wood County the Equity Cooperative
Livestock Shipping Association. It
was the first co-op of this type to be
formed in central Wisconsin. Ship-
ments are made from Marshfield to
the Equity terminal market agency
at Milwaukee. Livestock sales in
1939 for 300 patrons aggregated
  Sauk Livestock Association, Coop-
perative, and Farmers Stock Co.-The
local shipping associations in the State
with the largest volumes of business
are the Sauk Livestock Association,
Cooperative, at Sauk City, and the
Farmers Stock Co. at New Glarus
in Green County. Both are located
in south-central Wisconsin.
  Organized on a membership contract
basis in 1926, the Sauk co-op in 1940
had 350 members, and sales of live-
stock for the fiscal year ended January
31, 1940, amounted to more than
$570,000. Shipments are made both
from Sauk City and Spring Green.
   The Farmers Stock Co. was organ-
ized in 1913 as a capital stock coop-
erative. In 1939 it sold the hogs,
calves, cattle, and sheep of 600 patrons
for over $540,000.
Breeders Sell Cooperatively
   Some breeders' clubs and associa-
tions have been formed to sell surplus
cattle cooperatively.
   Barron County Dairy Breeders Coop-
 erative Sales Association.-Five breed-
 ers' associations in Barron County
 organized the Barron County Dairy
 Breeders Cooperative Sales Association
 in 1937 for the purpose of inaugurating
 a consolidated and cooperative service
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