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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Co-op distributors serve thousands of consumers,   pp. 21-22 PDF (519.1 KB)

Customers kept informed of marketing situations,   p. 22 PDF (261.4 KB)

Dairy Distributers Cooperative retails in Milwaukee,   pp. 22-23 PDF (546.4 KB)

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sale of butter, cottage cheese, powdered
skim milk, and ice cream. More than
100 retail routes and 9 wholesale routes
are operated, and other outlets have
been developed by the maintenance of
an ice cream parlor in the city, and
the construction of three roadside
"Milk Jugs," where milk drinks, ice
cream, and other refreshments are
   No surplus milk problem exists for the
 distributing cooperative since it takes
 the milk of the producers only as it
 needs it, leaving the balance in the
 pool of the Guernsey Milk Producers
 Cooperative. The up-to-date main
 plant has a valuation of $260,000.
 Operation of a new ice-cream plant
 was begun in 1940. The Golden
 Guernsey Dairy Cooperative is financed
 on a capital-stock basis. It was organ-
 ized in 1929, and in 1939 paid cash
 dividends aggregating over 845.000.
 Customers Kept InFormed
 oF Marketing Situations
 The association has developed un-
 usual relations with employees and
 * customers. A junior board of directors
 is elected by employees and one mem-
 ber attends all regular board meetings.
 Employees also have the opportunity
 to purchase preferred stock. The
 cooperative follows the practice of
 informing customers of marketing situ-
 ations and problems and the reasons
 for the adoption of certain operating
 policies. All through the winter cus-
 tomers and their friends are invited
 on designated evenings to visit the
 dairy in order to observe all depart-
 ments in operation, and to enjoy
dairy pancake parties.
   Products of excellent quality, low
 surplus, a rapid and steady growth,
 sufficient financing, stable and pro-
 gressive management-these are some
 of the factors that have contributed to
 this co-op's success.
 Dairy Distributers Cooperative
 Retails in Milwaukee
   Dairy Distribumers, Inc., Coopera-
 time.-Another organization that retails
 milk in Milwaukee is Dairy Distribu-
 tcrs, Inc., Cooperative of Watertown,
 Wis., which in 1940 succeeded the
 Watertown Milk Cooperative Asso-
   The Watertown Association was
organized in 1921 for the purpose of
selling the milk of its members.
When the plant at Watertown was
completed on April 1, 1926, the coop-
erative began delivery of the members'
milk to the Chicago market. The
association withdrew from that mar-
ket in 1931, and in the following year
sponsored the organization of Dairy
Distributers, Inc., in Milwaukee, in
order to retail producers' milk there,
and to establish a permanent direct
market in that city for the cooperative
members. Subsequently, milk of non-
member patrons also was handled.
Milk available for the Milwaukee
market that is not needed there, is
combined in the Watertown plant
with milk from the other members of
the parent organization, and manu-
factured into butter, milk powder, and
other dairy products.
  Activities of the Watertown associa-
tion were expanded in 1938 when
evaporating and canning operations
were started. The two plants in
Watertown and Milwaukee now have
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