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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Badger state makes half of U. S. cheese,   pp. 16-18 PDF (807.9 KB)

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In addition, cheese is manufactured
cooperatively by a considerable num-
ber of creameries. According to re-
ports received by the Farm Credit
Administration, Wisconsin dairy co-ops
manufactured in 1938 more than one-
fifth of the State's entire production.
In three areas there are concentra-
tions of co-op factories making Ameri-
can type cheese. These are: counties
generally east and northeast of Lake
Winnebago in the east central part of
the State; Marathon County as well
as Clark, Waupaca, Wood, and adja-
cent counties in a central region; and
southwestern and southern counties.
Sections of southwestern Wisconsin
have been called "The Switzerland of
America," because of the compara-
tively hilly terrain and because for
many years the manufacture of Swiss
cheese there has been an important
  Local cheese factories in operation 50
years or more.-A number of Jefferson
County cooperative cheese factories
organized more than 55 years ago in
the vicinity of Watertown, are operat-
ing today. It is estimated that the
Lebanon Cheese Co. may have been
formed as early as 1877. A number
were organized in the early 80's-in-
cluding the County Line Cheese Fac-
tory, Tilden Cheese Factory, Main
Street Cheese Factory, and North
Road Cheese Factory Co.
  Cooperative Dairymen's Association.
-'Ihe cheese factory with the largest
dollar value of sales in 1939 was the
Cooperative Dairymen's Association
of Plymouth. It has made a steady
andl substantial growth each year since
its organization in 1931. From a
business of $10,000 in 1932, the asso-
ciation had developed at the close of
1939 an annual business of more than
$195,000. Sales of American cheese
amounted to $185,000 and of whey
cream to $10,000. The cheese receipts
were for more than 1,400,000 pounds
of cheese made in the association's fac-
tory. The co-op receives milk from 180
members and operates on a monthly
pool plan. This enterprising coopera-
tive is one of the locals affiliated with
the Wisconsin Cheese Producers' Co-
operative, through which sales are
  Sale of cheese manufactured cooper-
atively.-It is the usual practice for
Wisconsin cheese factories to sell their
output directly to buyers on the basis
The manufacture of cheese on a cooperative
basis is an important outlet for the
large  milk  production   of   Wisconsin

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