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Bell, Florence C. (Florence Colfax), 1899- / Farmer co-ops in Wisconsin

Land O'Lakes carries butter all the way to retailer,   pp. 13-15 PDF (824.7 KB)

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Milk is delivered by truck to the A -G Creamery
Co. at Arcadia in Trnpealeau County.
   One of the major objectives of Land
 O'Lakes Creameries is improvement in
 the quality of butter and standardiza-
 tion of output, and it has made "Land
 O'Lakes" brand a guarantee of quality
 and uniformity.
   The Minneapolis cooperative pio-
 neered in the North Central States in
 the cooperative marketing of butter
 on a large scale. It sends trucks to
 collect the butter manufactured by
 local creameries and hauls it to one of
 its concentration plants, where it is
 graded, printed, packaged, and shipped
 to the best outlets. Through local
 branch offices located in many States,
 sales are made to chain stores, inde-
 pendent corporations, and smaller
 Through Land O'Lakes Creameries,
 these Wisconsin dairy cooperatives are
 joining with hundreds of others in the
 north-central dairy region to do a job
 of cooperative merchandising that
 carries the products all the way to the
 retailer in the main consuming centers
 of the Nation.
 A considerable number of other
 Wisconsin cooperative creameries are
 carrying cooperation beyond their local
organization by joining with other
creameries in overhead sales aii
service  agencies.  Two   overhea
agencies located in Wisconsin offi
varying types of services.
    Wisconsin  Cooperative Creamer
 Association, District No. 2, operates
 new, up-to-date plant at Union Cent(
 in Juneau County. Here 18 memb(
 creameries, a majority of which at
 cooperatives, send butter for printin
 and marketing. In northwest countie
 the Wisconsin Cooperative Creamer
 Association, District No. 4, operates
 Each of these organizations is
 separate corporation, although ther
 was a plan for a State-wide agency ii
 which these district associations woul(
 be units. The headquarters of th,
 District No. 4 Association is at Shel
 Lake in Washburn County. A field
 man operates from Cumberland, ii
 Barron County, and the association
 has a warehouse there. The member
 ship includes both cooperative and
 noncooperative organizations.  ThiE
 association has stressed a butter.
 improvement program.
 Creameries in operation 55 years or
 nore.-A number of creameries have
 notable records for operation over
 long periods. The Luck Cooperative
 Creamery Co. in northwest Polk
 County was formed in 1884, and the
 following year in Trempealeau County
 bordering the Mississippi River, farm.
 ers united in organizing the Ettrick
 Creamery Co. These co-ops manu-
 facture substantial volumes of butter,
 smaller quantities of other dairy prod-
 ucts, and sell some dairy supplies to
 patrons. The bulk of the sales of these
 two creameries are made through Land
 O'Lakes Creameries, Inc. The co-
operative at Luck was reorganized in
1908 and again in 1922. It had 170

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