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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. October, 1946,   pp. [6]-[7] PDF (643.2 KB)

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   Issued Monthly          -by Etension Iditors in cooperation
                                   with the Farm Labor Staff -     October,
                          HLRE3ST 0 lATE MOPS ASSAM 0t 30-4"
                     On thousands of Wisconsin farms the harvest of
                late crops Is practically completed.  If this ideal
                October weather holds out a few days more field work
                in sugar beets will be finished, two weeks earlier
                than usual.
                     While the fine weather had much to do with
               getting seasonal crops harvested early, baving large
               numbers of foreign workers in the state again this
               year was another big help. Their presence made it
               possible to push the harvest over the peak at Just
               the right time.
                    High wages provided the incentive to do more
               and better work than Jamaican. and Mexicans have ever
               done before. Most of the foreign workers aro leaving
               ttbout the first of the month for the West or South.
               A small number will be kept during 1Novomber by vego-
               tablo growers and a few will be retained all winter.
                               Peak Figures for 1946
          Prom a peak of 3560 foreign workers, 1242 wore left in the state
October 19. They were harvesting apples, vegetables, potatoes, cranborries,
sugar beets, and cabbages for kraut. Of these, 538 were Jamaicans, 615 Mexi-
can nationals, 56 Barbadians, and 5 Hondurans. This year it was possible
growers to complete tho season's work with 2830 foreign workors for pea harvest,
3559 for cherry picking, and 2826 for canning corn pack.  These are top figures
and include work in other crops particularly vegetables.
                            Djinper .A Ple 2ro_ Harvested
          About 200 foreign workers helped harvest Wisconsin's bumper 1946
crop. Door county employed 131 Mon, Kenosha 46, Waukesha 10 and Winnebago
workers. The 1946 crop is estimated at about 1,020,000 bushels, or three
as large as the 316,000 bushol 1945 crop, the Wisconsin Crop and Livestock
porter estimates.  This is 1b times larger than the figures for the ten-year
average reported as being 698,000 bushels.
         About 760 Jamaicans, harbadians, 1hhamians and Mexicans were used
work in sugar beets.  In previous years mostly Mexican Nationals and Texas
cans were employed. This year more than one-half of the beet workers were
other nationalities.

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