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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. July, 1946,   pp. [1]-[6] PDF (1.6 MB)

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      Many canning factories are using foreian labor for other crops between
 pea and corn harvest.   Some of them have arranged with farmers in their
 to use this labor during the slack between pea and corn pack.
      At:the end of the pea pack, workers released from peas were sent to
the cherry
 orchards in Door county. 1lost of the Barbadians and Bahaminns, however,
were sent
 east in exchange for some Mexicans.   Wisconsin has also received more Mexicans
 directly from Mexico who were loaned for the cherry harvest.    We may be
asked to
 keep some of the Mezicans for the fall crops end release Jnmiaicans to other
 states in their places.
      Radph Mitbyo, Rock county, reports that he h1a- not only had snore
 for farr.' heln durinF. the month of June, 1946, than in 1945, but also
that he was
 better able to meet the g2reater ermand.. He prla-ced 825 different -routh
 detasselin-; corn in Roch county, -nd at the sane time an aoditional. 123
 other work. Earlier, he placed 144 boys and t;irls in strnrwberry harvest.
                                   ITAGE RATES
     Wage rates for hired farm workers in the United States were eight per
higher on July 1 than they were ?. year ago, and the highest on record, reports
the Bureau of Agricultural Economics. Since April 1, wage rates have risen
per cent, about double the usual increase during the on.arter. June rates
331 per cent of the 1935-39 average for this date and 390 zer cent of the
1914 average.
     Wages for farm work have advanced ra.oidly since 1941, the report indicates.
On Jul7- 1, 1941, daily wa-e rates w~ithout board averaged $1.98 com-nared
with the
present rate of $4.84.

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