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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. July, 1946,   pp. [1]-[6] PDF (1.6 MB)

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conditions were skipped by canners in 1946 and rather large acreages were
for seed.
                              Labor Needs Met
     Despite the many difficulties, canners needs for foreign labor were
suppliec'. and most of then on time. That the foreign labor available to
state was handled with efficiency, is shown by the fact that large numbers
were shifted over 4i; area of about 3,000 miles with almost no loss of time
                        Cni ngPeas 6 Thdr Lo
     Production of nrocessing geas is estimated to be about 6 per cent under
the 19'.5 yield, but considerably above the 10-yevr -,verae, the Crop Reporting
Service announced on JuLly 24.  Total acreage planted and yie].d par acre
are also
sliglhtl1- below 1945 but above the 10-year avera-e.
Pounds toer acre (Shelled Peas)
No. of Acres Processing
Peas in Production
TONS Produced (Shelled Peas)
1935-44 Averac;e
   1945      1946
   3,3,70     2,^100
152,000    150,000
m- rat n   . o  r
Y d,  U,U  I IJ Ib WU
                         Farm Labor FOSS  +nn l:47
     Favorable action by the Senate en                        3 ?>L;.
>2iciCncBill (HR6885) passed
Jul-.y 16, assured funds for the operation of the Farm Labor Pro ran during
year 1947. The Farm Labor item, included in the Bill passed both the HIouse
Senate without a chan.;e in wording.
                     Foreign Workers Give Satisfaction
     Emnloyers of foreign workers voiced almost unanimous approv.-1 for the
of work done by foreign workers this year.  They are givinr- better services
last year's grouo, anch are ;robably the best that have been employed in
the state.
This Day be due to the fact that the office of labor was able to recruit
from better solaces in the Isl;-Lnds and to contact better Mexican worlk-ers.

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