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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. June, 1946,   pp. [1]-[7] PDF (2.4 MB)

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                   =1OZMIT2S 'R01E THE  OI2mTI3S
 BAEROST     Sixty-six bean pickers were recruited in Barron
        county and organized into groups, ready for the call to
        the fields.
             The Farm Labor assistant, Mrs. Mollie A. Coe, teamed
        up with the U.S.E.S. and together they nut on a "Farm
        Labor and Farm Training for Veterans" program over the
        local radio.
             A considerable amount of time is being spent by the
        labor assistant in surve-ing; farm openings both for the
        puroose of determining the grevttest need for workers and
        for finding the farms which offer the greatest advantages
        for high school boys.
B3U-ALO     Of 20 men referred to the Farm Labor office only ono
        had 1previous exnerience on the farm. At prcs-nt 159
        Buffrlo county Iarmers are still bogging for helna
C0L T 3IA   'exans,'4:icans are not arriving as rc-milly as expected.
       They are badly recded by onion growers to wool.   In the
       meantime, sul-huric acid snrr s are being used to reduce
       ramp-ant weed growth.
                              * *** *
DAiE        'We expect the demand for seasonal help to jump during
       June because hayin, and tobacco transplanting seasons will
       be in fall swing, reports R. V. Hurley.  Both oI these jobs
       require extra ileb.-
            An increase of anplications for ern-lo-7nent from high
       school boys is exoected because industries cannot employ
       these boys.  Contracting firms cannot get materials to keep
       the boys worhin..
DOOR        The big est cherry cropo in the history of the state is
       anticipated in Door county. Orchardists and farm labor Agents
       are busy preparing for the rush season. They are now getting
       set to recruit pickers from neighboring counties where they
       can be snared.
* ** **

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