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Farm labor news

Farm labor news. June, 1946,   pp. [1]-[7] PDF (2.4 MB)

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                   Bayfield Canners and Growers
                   Make Plans for Bean Harvest
          Getting pickers for the bean harvest is an annual problem
 in every county producing beans for canning. This year canners and
 growers in 3ayfield decided to work out an'efficient program. for the
 1946 crop.  At a meeting hield early this spring, an attempt was made
 by the two groups to pool their efforts in a more effective manner,
 the county agent reports,
          Among the proposals mutually agreed upon were matters of
 recruitment, transportation, assignment of nickers, hours of work,
 and minimu= ruantities to be picked by both adults and children.
          It was agreed that local help was to be given preference of
employment. No outside help is to be called until no more local
help can be recruited.   Growers not complying with established
regulations will not have their beans accepted at the canneries.
                All Equipment Arrived in W1isconsin
          For the past several'-ears, sleeping and eating equipment
for foreign labor carms was leased from the army.   This year Extension
was authorized to +urchase surnlies for farmers Pnr'. growers in the
fruit and vegetable growin- areas who ordered foreign workers.   More
than 20,000 pieces have been purchased which include 3,000 beds,
9,250 blankets, 4,000 dining room and kitchen units.
         All equipment ordered has arrived in Wisconsin and will be
delivered before July 1, except about 1,000 aillows being shipped
from Ogden, Utah, which are still on the way.
         There will be some shortw'ges, due to cuts made in amounts
allowed for -ourchase. Attem-ots have been made, without much success,
to maie further T1iirchases through the FTar Assets Administr-.tion.
Some orders received recently have been filled from materials not
required by growers wcao cancelled foreign help ordered. Counties
still short should call J. A. James, of the Colloge of Agritculture,
-for infonniation-concarning these surolus articles.
         It is hoped that it will not be necessary to move much of
this equipment in the fnall and that persons now having it will clean
and store it readly for use next tear.  To date the government has
not authorized Extension to sell this miaterial.  A service charge will
soon be collected for the use of eauipment this year.

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