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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Waterloo directory: W],   pp. 280k-280m PDF (788.7 KB)

Page 280l

     Otto Biefdd & Co. STEAM AND HOT 
     200-206 N. WATER ST. TOi _ho  4    WATER HEATING 
     WAK           WATERLOO] 2801 [DIRECToRY       WHI 
             As.FWendt &Son 
                           Dealers In 
   Agricultural Implements 
   L6   Agents for Moline Plow Co.    Wagons, Buggies, Etc.     c 
                McCormick Binders and Mowers 
      Waterloo,                  i"        Wisconsin    1" 
      Wakeman Hattie, artist, w. s. Monroe cor. Madison, h. Colum- 
        bus, Wis. 
Ward Spencer, h. Monroe.                                        * 
      Ward Zella Miss, h. Monroe. 
      Waterloo Butter & Cheese Ass'n, Phillip Fox, pres; Wm. Beer- 
        baum, see; Peter Sheridan, treas. Portland rd. 
      Waterloo Canning Co. H. H. Lackey, pres! Albert Christian, 
        v-pres; A. A. Burr, see; Lewis Llewellyn, treas. Madison at  c 
        limits.                                                 v 
   0  Waterloo Democrat, H. A. Whipple, pub. s. s. Madison, 2 e.  c&
S       Monroe. 
      Waterloo Electrical & Milling Co. M. J. Rood, pres; F. J. Rood,
        see-treas. Mill.                                          - 
      Waterloo Journal, H. M. Knowlton, pub. s. s. Madison 8 w.    - 
      Waterloo Malting Co. J. K. Seeber, pres; L. Llewellyn, v-pres; a= 
        L. C. Failinger, see; E. T. Hayhurst, treas-mngr. w. end  T 
        Madison.                                                   o 
Uw aI Weckert Gottfried, lab. h. Harrison.              : = 
   z  Weckert Otto, photog.' h. Harrison. 
   o  Weckert William, lab. h. Harrison.                       ΒΆ 
      WENlDT A. F. & SON (August F. and William Wendt) agric. * 
   i" = implements, wagons, buggies, etc. s. s. Madison east of Mon-
* so    roe. 
  - j Wendt August F. (A. F. Wendt & Son) h. Mill. 
O   4 Wendt Lena Miss, h. Mill.                         co 
O  *I Wendt William (A. F. Wendt & Son) h. Mill. 
   o  Werner Fred, foreman Roach & Seeber Co. h. Milwaukee. 
eL0   Whipple Casper H. h. w. end Madison.              aI. 
                               CLOTH IERS 
     WEGEMANN &WEBER                 o     e,. 
                               2I7 Mrain St. z0 3rd St. 
                        W[8     WAVEIRVIO N1. Wi s. 

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