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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

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[Wright's Waterloo directory: L],   pp. 280f-280g PDF (560.8 KB)

Page 280f

      2oo-2o6 N. Water St. 1 PHONE 441 GAS    F ITT I NG 
      JON           WATERLOO] 280f [DIRECTORY         LAN     J 
      Jones Ellen Miss, h. Madison. 
[ d Jordan Ferdinand F. coal and lime, w. s. Jackson nr. R. R. W 
   jl   depot, h. Taylor.                                       * 
       Jordan Walter, student, h. Taylor. 
      Jorden August, lab. h. Madison. 
       Judkins Earl, lab. h. Madison. 
       KEAGBINE Rudolph, h. Madison. 
       Keiner Carrie Miss, h. Washington. 
   Kellner Minnie Mrs. milliner, w. s. Monroe 9 n. of Madison.  r 
       Klecker John A. farmer, h. Washington.                     r 
       Knettig Annie, elk. Aug. Hoffman, h. Madison.        ,4 
       Knettig Edward, h. Madison.                              M 
SKnettig Sophia, dressmkr. h. Madison. 
      Knowlton Ezra D. h. Harrison. 
       Knowlton Herbert M. pub. Waterloo Journal, h. Washington.  _C 
       Knowlton Jeremiah D. see-treas. Northwestern Farmers' Mu-   A 
       tual Hail & Cyclone Ins. Co. h. Portland rd.             U 
       Knowlton Orley, h. Washington. 
SKnowlton Ralph, foreman, h. Madisen. 
       Knowlton Roy, farmer, h. Washington. 
       Knowlton Ruth Miss, h. Washington. 
       Koblitz Adolph, harnessmkr. s. s. Madison 5 w. Monroe, h. 
SKoblitz Laura, phone-opr. h. Madison. 
       Koblitz Walter, harnessmkr. h. Madison.' rd. 
       Koehn Martha Miss, h. Portland. 
   0   Koehn William, farmer, h. Portland. 
       Kogta Joseph, cigarmkr. h. Adams. 
       Krahn Herman, tmstr. h. Washington.                         C 
       Krahn Paul, lab. h. Washington. 
   v   Krause August, lab. h. Jackson. 
y   .  Krause Charles, lab. h. Washington. 
  S <  Krause William, lab. h. Polk. 
  .    Krebs William, buttermkr. h. Van Buren.                     r 
  f~l  Kypke Louis, sidewalk-contr. Madison, h. same.             r 
  :    Kypke Louisa Miss, h. Madison. 
  Z    LACKEY Ella Miss, h. Milwaukee.                             r 
  W    Lackey Hugh H. pres. Waterloo Canning Co. h. Milwaukee. 
  i    Ladwig Johanna (wid. Henry) h. Madison. 
, 1%   Langer Elsie, student, h. Monroe. 
Co.    Langer Emma, teacher, h. Monroe. 
                              WATERTOWN. WIS 

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