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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Waterloo directory: B],   pp. 279-280 PDF (477.5 KB)

Page 280

      If You Want to Buy or Sell a Lot. House or Farm. Go to 
      EDWARD F. WIEMAN                                      at 
                              116 MAIN STREET, .. WATERTOWN, WIS, 
_      BEC           WATERLOO] 280 [DIRECrORY            BUT 
       Becken Johanna (wid. Charles) h. Pierce. 
4      Becker Emma Miss, h. Washington. 
       Becker Julius, lab. h. Washington. 
SBecker Minnie, teacher, h. Polk. 
       Behling Friebert, foreman cold storage R. & S. Co. h. Monroe.
SBehring Rudolph, lab. h. Mill. 
      Berg Anna, elk. Roach & Seeber Co. 
      Betts Andrew, h. Van Buren. 
    Bett D SHarry A. foreman W aterloo Mvalting Co. n]. w. end Tvlad1- 
    Son.                                                              : 
       Biehle Orin, elk. C. Failinger, h. Monroe. 
       Bihle Christ, r. Madison. 
   Blaschka Frank, carrier rural route No. 2, h. Madison. 
   .   Blaschka Joseph, saloon, s. s. Madison, cor. Monroe, h. same.  r-
   Blaschka Wenzel, lab. h. Cleveland. 
      Blaschka William, hardware, s. s. Madison, 2 w. Monroe, h. 
   L     same. 
       Bleecker Frank, carp. h. Harrison. 
   _ Bleecker May (wid. Harry) h. Van Buren. 
       Bleecker Vera, stenog. Drew Elevator Carrier Co. h. Van Buren  =00
O      Bolger Celia, student, h. s. s. Madison 9 w. Monroe. 
*      Bolger Johanna Miss, h. Monroe. 
Bolger Patrick H. sec. Drew Elevator Carrier Co. h. Lum. 
,      Boyle Fred, h. Van Buren.                                  -, 
ag     Brandner Adam, h. Madison. 
       Brandner Jennie, stenog. Roach & Seeber Co. h. Madison. 
   Brandner Nicholas, h. Madison. 
   -   Bryant Aaron, painter, Van Buren, h. same. 
s <    Bryant Amelia (wid. David) h. Harrison. 
      Bryant Edna, teacher, h. Van Buren.                          0 
  Bryant Floye Miss, h. Van Buren. 
       Budig Charles A. (Neupert & Budig) h. Madison. 
h~     Bump Henry, carp. h. Madison. 
       Burnham Harriet (wid. Arthur E.) h. Harrison.                t 
       Burr Almon A. see. Waterloo Canning Co. h. Madison, 1 m.    0  :3
       west limits.                                                 0 
       Bussey Arthur, h. Polk.                                    (D 
       Bussey Lorenz, lab. h. Polk. 
 Z     Buth William, wagonmkr. n. s. Madison 2 w. bridge, h. same.    P 
       Buth William C. Jr. saloon, w. s. Monroe 11 n. Madison, h. same. 
                           UlLOAN MONEY, FURNISH AUSTRACTS, FORECLOSE 
                                  AERTOWAE AND COLL-CT AMCOUNTS 
                              WATERTOWN,. . WISCONSIN 

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