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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

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Page 273

                                    1'1MAN1VFACTVRER OF 'ý% 
                                  Hsartig's Celebra-ted 
      TAY           LAKE MILLs] 273 [DIRECTORY         VOL     4h, 
      TAYLOR Fred R.-carp. contr. h. College n. w. cor. 3d. 
Z  "  Taylor William G. carp. h. College n. w. cor. 3d.         >
       Teed Adeline (wid. S. R.) h. Water. 
  Teed Edward, elk. h. Water. 
  I   Terry David C. h. Madison. 
L.    Thiedo Fred, hostler, A. W. Wodke, h. Lake. 
       Thielka Hannah Miss, h. Prospect. 
       Thormann Fred, barkpr. h. Franklin. 
       Thorp John, molder, h. Main. 
       Thrun Carl, mason, h. Prospect. 
       Thurman William, hostler, F. W. Heller, h. Milford rd. 
Toogood Maud Mrs. h. Mulberry. 
       Toogood Vincent R. bkpr. Dodge Creameries Co. h. Lake. 
       Topel Fred, mason, h. Prospect. 
       Trachte Henry, piano-tuner, h. College.                    a 
 Tynte Fortescue, chemist, h. Main.                              C 
       UDEY Pearle, dressmkr. h. North. 
 Udey Roy, coremkr. h. North. 
 Udey Walter F. mach. h. North.                                      n 
       VAN DEREIKE Hannah Miss, h. Grant.                    ":3. 
       Van Dereike Louis, farmer, h. Grant.                  .M 
       Van Loan Cecil G. elk. H. J. Setz, h. Fremont.               - 
       Van Loan Lillian A. dressmkr. h. Fremont. 
 Van Loan Minnie M. Miss, h. Fremont.                        "4 
 7t    Van Loan, Peter, h. Fremont.                              0 
 CW    Veeder Flora Miss, h. Lake. 
       Veltman Eugenic, teacher, h. Cherry.                      2 
 ___   Veltman Florence Miss, h. Cherry. 
       Veltman Herman, painter, h. Cherry. 
       Vilter Edward, painter, h. Grant. 
oq     Voigt Ernest, h. Lake. 
-a  "  Voigt Ernest H. mach. h. Lake.                          C= 
C      Voigt Ida, dressmkr. h. Lake.                         o0 
       Voigt Lena, seamstress, h. Lake. 
2      Volckmann F. William, jeweler, s. s. Lake 10 e. Main, h. Lake. 2__-
Lu     Volkmann Edward, h. Water.                                - 
   ,   Vollean Caroline (wid. Michael) h. Water.             ZCOO 
         nor HA STORE FOR 0000 DRESSERS 
                                  Makers of MEN'S FINE CLOTHES, that hays
                                  a certain smartness, a peculiarHy of their
              [Ri[ 1   ff  11     107 Main St., Watertown, W/is. 

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