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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: K],   pp. 264-266 PDF (785.8 KB)

Page 265

     AT HOMJE     W    M,,        A    b    hIG' 
     DRINK       VHiV. IL               JLIX 
     KEN          LAKE MILLS] 265 [DIRECTORY         KRU      q. 
 -    Kennedy William, mach. h. Rock Lake Hotel. 
 '    Kent Ella, dressmkr, h. College. 
   S   ent Joachim J. h. College. 
      Ketelsen Gustav, lab. h. College. 
      Kielblock Fred C. lab. h. Freemont. 
      Kiener Conrad, h. Madison. 
      Kiener Ella Miss, h. Madison. 
      Kiener Fred, lab. h. Madison. 
      Kiener Henry, lab. h. Madison. 
      Kisow Charles, lab. h. Madison. 
      Kisow Ella, seamstress, h. Madison. 
      Kisow Gottfried, h. Madison. 
-     Kisow Lena Miss, dressmkr. h. Madison. 
  Kisow Louis, lab. h. Madison. 
     Kisow Nettie Miss, h. Madison. 
O o   Kisow Samuel, elk. E. C. Saecker, h. Madison. 
      Kisow William, com-tray. h. Madison.                  C-m 
  Z   Kitzman Edward, barkpr. h. Oak.                             r 
C     Kleetz Anna Miss, h. Main. 
      Kleetz August, h. Main. 
      Kleetz Minnie Miss, h. Main.                                   t 
_ .iniKlein William, wagonmkr. e. s. Main nr. Lake, h. Main.        
      u Klump Phoebe (wid. Leonard) h. College. 
  Kohl Gretchen Miss, h. Mulberry.                           00 
-     Kohl Walpin, h. Mulberry.                            > -m 
      Koplin Adolph B. carp. h. North.                     M  _ 
      Koplin Clara, milliner, h. North.                      %W- 
Koplin Emil, lab. h. North. 
  Koplin Louis, carp. h. North.                              AE 
Koplin Robert E. ret. farmer, h. Lake.                            0 
  Z   Kottwitz Henry, lab. h. College.                              = 
  !   Krause Charles (Bennett & Krause) h. Water.          7 M 
  f   Krause Charles A. (Kuhl & Krause) h. Water. 
' 0   Krause Christiana (wid. Carl) h. Main.                 C= 
      Krause Edward, lab. h. Main. 
  'Krause Emil, carp. h. Water.                                      - 
      Krause Emma Miss, h. Water.                            C= 
W     Krause Walter, student, h. Water.                    0 C 
      Kretlow Henrietta (wid. Charles) h. Fargo av.                  = 
      Krippner Christopher, h. Mulberry. 
  Krippner Lydia Miss, h. Mulberry. 
  Krueger Otto, carp. h. Louisa av.                        7 COO 
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