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Wright's directory of Jefferson County for 1905-6, comprising an alphabetically arranged list of business firms and private citizens; a classified list of all trades, professions and pursuits; a miscellaneous directory of city and county officers, schools, churches, banks, incorporated institutions, societies, etc. and a list of farmer's of Jefferson County

[Wright's Lake Mills directory: H],   pp. 262-264 PDF (819.4 KB)

Page 263

     TELEPHONE 1612 ca ,1dh    r  ae     i      208 SECOND STREET 
     i*.H.EL       LAKE MILLs] 263  [DIRECTORY         HUN 
   I  HELLER FRED W. livery, e. s. Main near Water, h. Water. 
o £ Heller William, lab. h. Grant. 
   C  Helpap Gustav A. (Lake Mills Lland Co.) h. Madison. 
   0  Henningson Harry, student, h. Washington. 
-   1t Henningson Peter C. carp-contr. opp. depot, h. Washington. 
   w  Henrich Albert, sol. h. Franklin. 
      Henrich Emil, molder, h. College. 
   |  Hildebrandt Bros. (Edward and Oscar Hildebrandt) laundry,  ; 
   .    w.s. Main 5 s. Lake.                                  __< 
   W   Hildebrandt Charles H. (Hansen & Hildebrandt) h. Lake. 
.      Hildebrandt Edward (Hildebrandt Bros.) h. Lake. 
LU     Hildebrandt Oscar (Hildebrandt Bros.) h. Lake.         PREV 
      Hildreth Sarah (wid. Arnold) h. Madison.                AGT 
(1) w  Hilliker Jay, tel-opr. h. Fremont. 
-   . Hilliker Thomas A. painter, h. Fremont. 
   |   Hitchcock Arthur S. pump-dlr. h. Mulberry.             LI 
       Hitchcock Edward, carp. h. College.                        & 
. ~Hitchcock Lynn, student, h. College. 
   Hitchcock Mabel Miss, teacher, h. College.                ZP 
       Hoffmann Ludwig, barkpr. w. s. Main 9 n. Lake, h. same. 
C,    Holcomb Clara Miss, h. N. Main. 
       Holtz John, woodwkr. h. Grant. 
       Hornby Henry, mach. h. Rock Lake Hotel.                A6 
~      Hornickle Almon, harnessmkr. s. s. Lake 3 e. Main, h. Lake. 
       House Elizabeth (wid. John) h. Lake. 
       House Seymour B. asst. mngr. Fargo Creamery Supply House, A 
h. Lake. 
       Howe Bert, h. Lake Shore Drive. 
LLI    Howe William S. boat livery, Lake Shore Drive, h. same. 
       Howell Horatio N. G. confectr. w. s. Main 5 n. Lake, h. Main. 
       Hoyt Catherine (wid. Samuel) h. College. 
~      Hoyt Hannah (wid. Horace) h. North. 
       Hoyt Mary (wid. George S.) h. North. 
m      Hubbs Beulah, h. Washington. 
1'-    Hubbs Charles L. pub. Lake Mills Leader, h. Washington. 
C=     Hubbs Clarence, h. Washington.                           M 
Hughes Kate Miss, teacher, h. College.                          0 
p..    Hughson Edward D. carp. h. North. 
___Hunter Alexander, h. Lake. 
       Huntley Helen M. (wid. Daniel) h. Lake Shore Drive. 
       Hunzicker Emil, carp-contr. Lake, h. same. 
                  AP                   HEADQUARTERS FO R :F 
                                  NEW HOME SEWIN6 MACHINES 
        .                       . 213 Min Street, Watertwn, Wis, 

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